Queen elizabeth ii

Adam L 6M

  • Dec 24, 1111

    1111AD Jesuses 1111th birthday

    1111AD Jesuses 1111th birthday
    jesus was born although orthadox christians belive it was 7th January
  • Jan 1, 1160

    Robin Hoods Birth

    Robin Hoods Birth
    The legend robin hood was born in 1160 in Lockersley in Yorkshire.
  • shakespeare was born

    shakespeare was born
    1588 he was born
  • Edward Jenner was born

    Edward Jenner was born
    Edward Jenner was bon and became a famous Doctor
  • My Birthday

    My Birthday
    I was Born
  • Present

    The Queen is still Queen after 60 years.
  • Queen Victoria

    The coronation of Queen Victoria in 1838 was eighteen years on from the most extravagant coronation ever staged and seven from the cheapest. Some £240,000 had been lavished on that of George IV. His brother, William IV's, in sharp contrast, cost a mere £30,000. It was, however, to be the latter that formed the template for that of his niece. Victoria's coronation represented a compromise between the two extremes, costing £79,000.