Adam Hankins

By ecain
  • confederacy is formed

  • 1st battle of bull run

  • the monitor battles the merrimack

  • new orleans falls to the union

  • lee becomes commander of the army of northern virginia

  • battle of antietam

  • Period: to

    battle of Fredericksburg

  • signing of the emancipation proclamation

  • lincoln 2nd inaugural speech

  • quantrill burns lawrence

  • Period: to

    battle of chancellorsville

  • Period: to

    battle of vicksburg

  • Period: to

    battle of gettysburg

  • attack of ft. wagner

  • lincoln delivers the gettysburg address

  • grant takes supreme command of the union army

  • Period: to

    battle of cold harbor

  • sherman burns atlanta

  • lincoln wins re election

  • Sherman reaches the sea dividing the south

  • richmond falls to the union army

  • appomattox courthouse

  • lincolns assassinated

  • the 13th amendment is ratified abolishing alll slavery

  • military draft-the draft is enacted for the first time in history