Acyss & No Results

  • Arthur was a bun in the oven

    now he's out
  • Musa is Grown

    from a seed
  • Mentha is spawned

    like an npc
  • Shale >:(

    put him back in we don't want him
  • Arthur's parents die

    At the ripe age of 40, Arthur's parents pass into death due to their unfortunate heritage. Feeling cheated, Arthur begins research into gaffen and possible "cures".
  • Corruption

    Arthur looks into corruption; a disease-like magic that spreads even without human involvement. He notes that it changes organisms on a genetic level, and begins to create his cure.
  • Lobelia bullies her mom into letting her out

  • Sarah is birthed

    by a nurse, near a nurse
  • Cirrus condenses in the atmosphere

  • Lumi is shot into existence

    cuz you know, he has a gun.
  • Robin is hatched

    Robin is hatched
    from an egg
  • Laslow boxes his way out of the womb

  • Riosa rises from the ashes

  • Oliver is now a gayby

    green baby; ass baby
  • Phoebe buzzes into the fight

    help the baby
  • The Rise of Augustus Solas

  • Owen begins existence

    Owen begins existence
    He is Born
  • Syrin is deposited on this earth

    by his mom
  • Success?

    After exposing himself little by little to corruption, Arthur believes himself to have built up a resistance to it. He also notices he looks several years younger, though he's lost his ability to transform. Mostly. Attempts to do so are ended early due to the fact that it causes his body to shift in such a way Arthur is sure he wouldn't be able to come back from, if he went full in. He wonders how corruption could affect other people, in larger doses.
  • The artifact

    Through his research, Arthur learns of a mysterious artifact that, according to sources, seems to radiate some form of magical energy. He hires people to look into it further.
  • Period: to

    No Results

  • Mentha and Musa become police partners

    An iconic detective duo is born.
  • Cirrus' parents leave and never come back

    Yep. They just disappeared off the face of the earth. It remains unsure whether or not their disappearance was accidental or planned, and whether they are dead or alive. The duo get the case soon after. Cirrus starts living with his brother.
  • Lumi's mom fucking dies

    He ran away and she tried to find him, getting hypothermia and then died :(
  • Lumi's dad gets a girlfriend

    Lumi hates her
  • Musa starts looking into Acyss

    While on the Vellum disappearance case, Musa discovers they were after a strange magical artifact. It appears, to him, they went to retrieve it, but never returned. He begins his own investigation into the artifact, with help from Mentha.
  • Lumi runs away

    Lumi runs away
    At his dad's wedding with his girlfriend too.
  • Lumi finds Acyss

    The mask ghost asks Lumi for help, and in return they will help him. Lumi is young and naive and is easily convinced. The mask keeps him alive for several months via crime.
  • Musa finds the baby

    He <s>kidnaps</s> adopts Lumi, whom is now going by the alias "Nivalis".
  • The duo argues & Mentha leaves

    The duo argues & Mentha leaves
    Mentha finds out Musa's been keeping that <s>kidnapped</s> adopted kid a secret, and feeling angry and betrayed storms off into the night. He's killed and is revived a week later.
  • Musa's resolution

    Feeling horribly guilty about Mentha's disappearance, but unable to return the kid for lack of evidence about his real name/identity, Musa resolves to be a decent person and to treat Niv like his own son. And also keep the artifact from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Mentha's resolution

    Mentha drifts for a few months; not doing much besides trying to die and being filled with anger/self-pity. Feeling lost and alone, being betrayed by his closest friend and all, Mentha sets out to destroy what tore them apart: the <s>boy</s> mask.
  • Shale starts getting Involved

    With murder! And low profile espionage! Arthur offers him a job for a fair sum of money to do his dirty work. Shale accepts because he's a bitch and also needs to feed his brother.
  • Runs in the family

    Really feeling the effects of the corrupted magic working with Arthur has exposed him to, Shale isn't the person he used to be. Now seeing his 16-y/o brother as an asset, rather than a person, he forces Cirrus to do the same low-profile jobs he used to do. Arthur has no desire to meet with him, and thus Cirrus is exposed to significantly less corruption than his brother.
  • Nippogo

    Cirrus is really good at his job. Surprisingly so, due to his ability. Though Arthur still keeps his distance, he instructs Shale to give him higher profile jobs. Shale is jealous.
    Arthur hypothesizes his success is based, at least partly, on the lack of corruption Cirrus' been exposed to. He begins sending Shale on more corruption-heavy jobs to test that idea.
  • Acyss begins

    Oliver is packing to move to his grandparents for 2~ years, his parents didn't want him re-enrolling so he is to stay there until he graduates. Oliver can find an important artifact that is important later in the story.
    He can find it right underneath the Meowball™ on the top shelf above his desk.
  • Period: to



    After a long day of traveling, Oliver is greeted by his grandpaw at the airport. On the way to his grandparents house, they stop at an intersection downtown. Oliver notices an abnormally huge black figure in an alleyway...Could it just be hallucinations from all that traveling...?
    Nah. Anyways, they get home safely, Oliver greets his grandmaw and eats dinner. After some resting, he unpacks his bags and gets ready to sleep... Looks like this is his new room for the next two years of his life...
  • First day of Oliver's new life...

    First day of Oliver's new life...
    Oliver wakes up to the smell of his grandmaw's home cooking. Nice! After some time doing errands around the house and unpacking, his grandparents leave and that leaves Oliver alone. So he decides to order pizza (because it's late lunch and he is always hungry). Now with the pizza ordered, Oliver decides to kill time by watching the news (that's what was on the channel last). "REPORTS OF A MONSTER HAS BEEN SPOTTED NEAR THE AREA- PLEASE TAKE CAUTION WHEN OUT AT NIGHT-"
    "Well shit."
  • Pizza Time

    Pizza Time
    Oliver, realizing that the black figure he saw was, in fact, a monster, he dies a little inside.
    Oliver shuts off the tv and goes to get his wallet.
    When oliver opens the door to receive the pizza, he is greeted with a lad with a big smile with sweat dripping from him.
    After exchanging goods, the lad decides to try and start a conversation.
    "Hey! You live across from me! ...The name's Owen btw!"
    This...Owen guy, then talks Olivers ears off about the news.
  • Owen fucking dies

    Owen fucking dies
    Goodbye Owen
  • Shale cuts ties & inadvertently saves lives

    Nippogo is sent by his brother to kill the crew. Shale knows he won't kill them, out of principle, so he hopes Oliver & co will kill his brother instead. All goes according to plan until Oliver doesn't kill Cirrus and allows him to join their motley crew. Arthur is upset.