A1-my photography timeline by Hope Lillywhite.

  • 1826: First permentant image

    Joseph nicephor, used a camera obscure to burn a permentant image of the country side. he names his technique "heliograph" meaning "sun drawing". it takes the black and white exspoure takes 8 hours to fade, the image is this visible on the plate today.
  • 1839: First photo of a person 6 Sep 1839

    a french painter and chemist louis mande photographs a paris streets scence from his apartment window, moving objects dont apppear but a man that stopped for a shoe shine became the first person to be photographed.
  • 1858: first birds eye veiw

    the first ariel veiw was practised by a french photographer in 1858 over Paris, France. The use of aerial photography for military purposes was expanded during World War.
  • first action photo

    English photographer Eadweard Muybridge, using new emulsions that allow nearly instantaneous photography, begins taking photograph sequences that capture animals and humans in motion. His 1878 photo series of a galloping horse, created with 12 cameras each outfitted with a trip wire.
  • first under water photo

    As the decade of the 1920s opened, the only dependable process for color photography was the Autochrome glass plate, but that required time exposures for color to register on its emulsion. That meant posed pictures, even in full daylight. In 1923, Longley tried it anyway.
  • first coloured photo

    In the early 1940s, commercially viable color films (except Kodachrome, introduced in 1935) were brought to the market. These films used the modern technology of dye-coupled colors in which a chemical process connects the three dye layers together to create an apparent color image.
  • 1946: First Photo Taken From Space

    Researchers with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory strap a 35-millimeter camera to a German V-2 missile and launch it into space from White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.
  • first survey of the night sky

    National Geographic teams up with the California Institute of Technology for the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey, a seven-year project to produce the first photographic map of the Northern Hemisphere's night sky.
  • first magazine in colour

    fter decades of pioneering color photography technology, National Geographic magazine introduces a new era in February 1962, becoming the first major American periodical to print an all-color issue.
  • first digital still photograph

    Kodak releases the first commercially available, professional digital camera in 1991.this was aimed at photojournalist. the type of camera was nikon f-3 with a 1-3 megapicel camera.