A Time for Change

  • Period: to

    Rock n Roll was invented and became a huge hit

  • Harry S. Truman established the NSA

  • Brown Vs. Board of Education

  • Elvis Presley's music career started

  • James Dean died in a car accident

  • Period: to

    *Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycotts

    On a December evening in 1955, Rosa Parked silently incited a revolution, just by sitting. She was a seamstress, and she stepped onto the bus, and she sat in the first row of the "colored section". In Montgomery, Alabama, when a bus was full the seats near te front of the bus were given to the white passengers. The bus driver, James Blake, demanded Parks and three other African Americans to move to the back of the bus, the others did, But Rosa did not which lead to her arrest and fine for $10.
  • Central High School integrated in Little Rock, Arkansas

  • The Blob was filmed and released

  • John Kennedy elected

  • Freedom Riders

  • Rachel Carson writes Silent Spring

  • Cuban Missile Crisis

  • The Fiminine mystique is published

  • The Easy Bake Oven was invented

  • March on Washington

  • Assassination of J.F.K

  • Civil Rights Act signed by Lyndon Johnson

  • Lyndon Johnson re-elected to Presidency

  • Assassination of Malcolm X

  • March on Selma

  • The Suez Crisis

  • Medicare and Medicaid established

  • Riots in WATTS

  • Cesar Chavez and farm workers strike

  • TET Offensive

  • *Massacre at My Lai

    A platoon of American soliders had brutally murdered between 200 and 500 civilians at My Lai. My Lai is one of the cluster of small villages in South Vietnam. U.S. troops had been frequently bombing and shelling the province of Quan Ngai, because they believed it to be a stronghold of forces for the National Front for the Liberation of Vietnam, or Viet Cong. Before they set out to the village, the troops were informed by army command that anyone they found in said village were to be destroyed.
  • *Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Martin Luther King, Jr. was a civil rights leader, who was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. King was only 39 when he was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel on April 4th, 1968. His murder was a fugitive named James Earl Ray, and he was arrested for the murder of King on June 8th, 1968. On March 10th, Ray gave the court a guilty plea and was sentenced 99 years in the State Tenitentiary of Tennessee.
  • Assassination of Robert Kennedy

  • Founding conference for NOW

  • Nixon becomes President

  • Man on the Moon

  • *Woodstock

    Woodstock was a very big pop culture music gathering that took place in Bethel, NY at Max Yasgur's Farm from August fifteenth to the eighteenth in '69. It is considered the most impactful and recognized as the largest event in music history. Over 500,000 people attended this music festival. Woodstock '69 had a line up filled with musicians who are now legends and icons in our culture today, such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Santana, The Who, along with Joe Cocker.
  • First Earth Day observed

  • *Kent State Protesters killed

    In May 1970, students protesting the bombing of Cambodia by the U.S. military forces, clashed with the Ohio National Guardsmen on the Kent State University campus. After a few hours of protesting, a Guardsmen shot and killed four of the Kent State students protesting. The shootings then became a focal point of a nation deeply divided by the Vietnam War. Thousands and thousands of people were actively protesting the Vietnam War.
  • ERA passes Congress as a proposed amendment

  • The Godfather was released in theatres

  • J. Edgar Hoover died of heart disease

  • SALT 1 summit

  • Nixon resigns and For becomes President

  • Watergate scandal

  • Title IX is passed

  • Roe vs. Wade passed

  • Wounded Knee and FBI clash

  • OPEC oil embargo

  • Indiana became the 35th (and last) state to ratify the ERA