A Long Walk to Water

  • Exposition 1 Background

    Exposition 1 Background
    Salva Dut was an 11 year old boy living in Southern Sudan during the rebellion against the government in 1985. Because of the violence, he was forced to leave his village and became separated from his family. As an adult was granted travel to the United States where he focused on developing ways to bring fresh water to the people remaining in Sudan.
  • Period: to

    A Long Walk to Water

  • Exposition 2 Setting

    Exposition 2 Setting
    The primary setting was a village in Southeran Sudan (Salva's school and home). The secondary settings were Ethiopia, Kenya and Rochester, New York. Salva's story began in 1985, when his school and village were destroyed and ended in 2008, when he returned to Sudan with his campaign for clean water.
  • Exposition 3 Characters

    Exposition 3 Characters
    The main characters were Salva (1985-2008) and Nya (2008) whose stories intersected. Supporting characters were Ariik, Ring, Akit, and Agriath.
  • Conflict Rising Action 1

    Conflict Rising Action 1
    Salva is in school when he hears a cracking noise outside. All the students are bewildered as to what was happening.
  • Conflict Rising Action 2

    Conflict Rising Action 2
    After a few moments, there was more cracking outside which they recognized as gunfire. The teacher told the students to take cover while he looked outside the window.
  • Conflict Rising Action 3

    Conflict Rising Action 3
    The teacher told the students to leave the classroom and run into the bush away from the gunfire.
  • Conflict Rising Action 4

    Conflict Rising Action 4
    While the students are running into the bush, Salva turns and watches a plane drop a bomb on his school, destroying it.
  • Conflict Rising Action 5

    Conflict Rising Action 5
    In the bush, the people divided into groups by villages. Salva did not see his family in the group, but recognized familiar people. The next day, he woke up and was alone.
  • Conflict Rising Action 6

    Conflict Rising Action 6
    Eventually, Salva found a woman who took care of him until she could no longer could help him in order to save herself. He found a small group with his uncle. Salva had made a friend who was like him.
  • Conflict Rising Action 7

     Conflict Rising Action 7
    Salva's friend Marail, was killed by a lion. Then his uncle was killed by rebel soldiers in the desert near the refugee camp. Salva had no known family alive.
  • Climax/Turning Point

    Climax/Turning Point
    Salva lived at several refugee camps over the years. Two of the camps were Itang and Ifo.
  • Falling Action 1

    Falling Action 1
    In the refugee camps, Salva met aid workers who taught him English and sports.
  • Falling Action 2

    Falling Action 2
    There were rumors around the camp that people would be chosen to go to America. The chosen individuals had to be young, healthy males with no living family.
  • Falling Action 3

    Falling Action 3
    One day, an aid worker named Michael told Salva that he was on the list to possibly go to America. Salva passed an interview and he was selected to go to Rochester, New York.
  • Falling Action 4

    Falling Action 4
    Salva arrived in the United States at age 22. After a few years in the United States with his new family, he decided that he wanted to start a campaign to bring fresh, drinkable water to the people of Sudan.
  • Resolution 1

    Resolution 1
    Salva's campaign raised awareness about the needs of the Sudanese people.
  • Resolution 2

    Resolution 2
    In 2008, Salva went back to the Sudan where he met Nya, a young Sudanese girl. Nya thanked the man who built the well in her village, Salva Dut.