A Level Media Studies, Short Film Pratical Assignment 2013-2014

  • Create a production schedule *completed*

  • Research/ Case studies *Completed*

    Gather 3 case studies of existing films/ or short film.
  • Treatment *completed*

    Write a treatment explaining your groups short film the context should include:
    Short summary
    Which professional film inspired you?
    Logistics and feasibility
    ethical issuses
    where your film will your film be screened?
  • Focus groups/ pitch *completed*

    Do an initial pre-production audience feedback on your idea and treatment.
  • Pre-production *completed*

    Draw up a detailed shot by shot storyboard with full description. Risk assessments, recces and call sheets should be done and the group needs to identify costume, props or make up.
  • Shooting the Video *completed*

    Three weeks to shoot the short film
  • Editing *completed*

    Three weeks to edit your short film, this is done outside of class, book with technicians when editing, blog regularly on rough edits.
  • Research and planning the film poster and magazine review. *completed*

    Find three case studies on professional films of similar genre to your short film.
    produce mock-ups of film posters
    pitch your print ideas to class and your teacher, by 6th january 2014
  • Producing the film poster and magazine review page *completed*

    Plan and book a shoot as required.
    Produce a photography call sheets.
    all photography needs to completed by 13th january 2014
  • Post-production focus groups *completed*

    screen your short film and show your target audience, your two prints and feedback from focus group
  • Evaluation *completed*

    pick from a range of digital technologies to present your answer. plan answers or produce voice-over script and a timeline DVD. This is 20% coursework.
  • Editing the Evaluation *completed*

    Edit the creative evaluation or director's commentary, upload it on to your blog, to meet the final Advanced Portolio deadline.