Lindy and azaria on rock

A dingo took my baby

  • The birth of Azaria

    Azaria Chaberlin is born
  • Azaria is taken

    Azaria is taken
    Azaira Chamberlain was a 9 week old Australian baby girl who was take on this night by a suspected dingo. Her body was never found but her bloody and dirty clothes were.
  • Azaria's Jumpsuit is found

    Azaria's Jumpsuit is found
    A few days after Azaria went missing her Jumpsuit that she was wearing on the night of her abduction was found near Uluru right near where the Chamberlain's were camping
  • the first inquest

    the first inquest
    In december 3 months after Azaria's dissaperance and inquest found that a dingo had infact killed Azaria but someone unkown had later interfered with her Jumpsuit
  • The second inquest

    A second inquest started on december 16th
  • Trialed for murder

    Trialed for murder
    in febuary 2 years since Azaria went missing Lindy (Azaria's Mother) was commited to trial for murder of Azaria, while Azaria's Father, Michael, was charged as an acssesory for murder.
  • Lindy is found Guilty

    Lindy is found guilty of 1st Degree Murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Michael (her husband) receives an eighteen month suspended sentence. Lindy is hevaly pregnant
  • Kahila is born

    Kahlia born in custody.
  • Bail is set

    Federal Court bail application upheld pending 1982 appeal. Decision held overnight. $300 bail.
  • New evidence is found linked to the case

    Recently formed "Innocence Committee" submits new evidence to the NT government and makes an application for an inquiry.
  • Azaria's Jacket found

    Azaria's Jacket found
    A few years later Azaria's reuined Jacked was found 4km from where they were camping witch surported the Chamberlain's case that a dingo had infact taken Azaria. Lindy Chanberlain was relesed from Jail after spending 7 years there.
  • The divorce

    Lindy tells Michael she wants a divorce.
  • The divorce becomes final

    The Chamberlain's divorce becomes final. Kahlia chooses to live with Michael and visit Lindy, Reagan stays with Lindy and visits Michael. Aidan divides his time between the two homes.
  • Lindy gets Engadged again

    Rick Creighton proposes to Lindy, she accepts. The met earlier that year during a speaking tour of the USA.
  • Lindy marry's Rick

    Kahlia asks to return to live with Lindy and custody proceedings are started. Rick and Lindy are married, and choose to live in Washington State, USA.
  • A dingo did take Azaria Chamberlin Case closed

    A dingo did take Azaria Chamberlin Case closed
    This year it has been confermed that Azaria Chamberin was infact dragged out of her tent by and dingo and died by the dingo killing her. The cas was closed after 32 years of trials and inprisnment for Lindy Chanmberlin
  • Azaria Confermed deceased

    Azaria is legally claimed dead