Erickson 1


By mamaya1
  • Jan 1, 1565

    Birth date and everything els.

    We dont relay no when Henry Hudson was born ,but 1565 is the
    nearest we can get to when he was born. credit : Robine S. Doak
  • Starting epic jurneys.

    In 1607 Henry Hudson began preaparing for the first of four famous jurneys of exlporation. Credit :Robin S. Doak
  • Hudson River

    In his fourth voyage Henry was tying to find a way through our continet . But he did not find a way through the continet. But he did find a river that was named after him. After he discoverd this river th Dutch colinized ther and called it New Amsterdam. today it's called New York.
  • The last two voyages

    In 1609 he began his last two voyages. On his 3rd voyage he sailed fo the Dutch. On his 4th voyage he sailed for the english. credit: britannica encylopeia online
  • Death

    In 1611 Henry Hudsons crew comited mutiney. They tased Henry over bord and took over the ship. We dont know the real date of his death but we do know he died in 1611 credit :Britannica Encylopedia online.
  • Hudson Bay

    On his fourth voyage he found the Hudson Bay. The English controled that area. It was in canada. credit:britannaca online