Amelia and Ruby Simon Fraser

By chs
  • Jul 20, 1500

    The beaver fur trade begins

  • United kingdoms and American colonies fight in the American revolutiom

  • Simon Fraser was born in Mapletown, New York

  • Simon's father dies

  • Fraser's family moves north to Canada

  • Simon becomes apprentice for the North West Company

  • He becomes one of the youngest partneres in the North West Company

  • Fraser and 23 crew memberes follow the Fraser River to the Pacific Ocean and back

  • Fraser leaves New Caledonia

  • The Seven Oaks incedent takes place. They got Frasert in jail

  • Fraser tries the Seven Oaks. He was found not guilty

  • Fraser marries Catherine Macdoanalld.She has nine children

  • Silk hats became more fashinable. The fur trade decreases.

  • Simon serves as a captian during the upper Canada rebelion.

  • Simon and his wife dies. He lived for 82 years.