Explorer - Sarah

  • Birth of Ronald Amundsen

    Birth of Ronald Amundsen
    Ronald was born in Borge, Norway
  • Ronald`s full name

    His full name is Ronald Engelbreth Gravning Amundsen
  • He was a Norwewgian explorer

  • Left Norway

    Left Norway to aboard ship called Fram to go to South Pole.
  • Race to the South Pole

    Robert F. Scott was also going to the South Pole. It was a race.
  • Ross Ice Shelf

    Roald reached Ross Ice Shelf.
  • Ross Ice Shelf

    Amundsen and his men left Ross Ice Shelf to go to South Pole on 4 sleds, 52 dogs.
  • Reached

    Reached South Pole.
  • Flying

    First to fly over the North Pole
  • Crashed

    He crashed his airplane in the Artic.