• John was born

    John lived in Cambridge, Ohio for the first two years of his life.Than he moved to New Concored, Ohio. His parents adopted a daughter a few years later. Her name is Jean.
  • World War II

    World War II happend when Hitler took over Germany. John was 13 years old.
  • Married Annie Castor

    Married Annie Castor
    She started off as a Childhood friend, but after John got his privet piolets licens, he went back to cambidge Ohio to marry her. Together they had a son and a daughter.
  • North and South Koean War

    When John was 19, America helped South Korea in their war with North Korea. John was in the air force and served in the war. His plane was hit many times while he was in the air.
  • Capsule's Control

    Capsule's Control
    John and the other astronats were assigned a part of a space capsule to work on, John got the Capsule's contol.
  • Becoming and astronat

    To become an astronat for NASA, Glenn had to pass many unusual tests with seven other astronats. He was not chosen for the first two missions to go out to space, but he was for the third. The lift off was posponed maany times due to problems with the ship.
  • John F. Kennedy

    John F. Kennedy
    John Me JFK after he became the first man to orbit the earth and became friends He talked him into rumming for Seator for Ohio.
  • Robert Kennedy

    John also became friends with Robert Kennedy. He helped get Jhon into plitics and become enator oh Ohio.
  • Trouble with the Ship

    Finnaly after lifting off he came across a problem with the automatic control system, it wouldnt work. Instetd of doing the other things he had planed while being in space, he had to drive manualy. At NASA, they relized that the heat sheild might be loose, nd if so, John would face a fiery death.
  • Astronat John Glenn

    Astronat John Glenn
    After long waiting, John Glenn finalt took off. In space he took many pictures of Earth and the Contenents he past. He ws also able to see sunrise and sunset twice in the five hours he was in space.
  • Second Man to Orbit the Earth

    Not long after Glenn landed on earth, Scott Carpenter became the second man to orbit the earth.
  • Became Senator of Ohio

    Became Senator of Ohio
    After coming down from space, John met President John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy and became good friends. They talked him into running for Ohio senate of state. He had to drop out becuse of an ear injary that happend when he sliped on a rug in his bathroom and hit it on his bathtub. The second time he ran he won.