Don wetzel

Donald Wetzel

  • Graduated from Jesuit High School (New Orleans)

  • Period: to

    Graduated College

    He received a degree in foreign trade from Loyola University in New Orleans.
  • Period: to

    Played professional minor league baseball

    He played for the New York Giants farm system
  • First job

    First job
    Got his first job working for IBM,even though his true passion was baseball
  • Moving on up in the world

    Was promoted as branch manager and moved to Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Period: to

    Travel through Texas

    He then became a consultant to the banking industry in San Antonio, Texas and Houston, Texas.
  • Sales Man

    He beacme an sales man manager helping sale the punch card for businesses that did not own an IBM machine, Everything was done manually because no computers were able to yet.
  • Computer Sales

    Computer Sales
    Sold his first computer to a bank, 1401 era
  • Atm Idea

    First came up during a weekly meeting was just an idea, C"rd eating machine",
  • On the move again

    On the move again
    Moved from Houston to Dallas working for his friend's company called Docutel as Vice President of Product Planning
  • Give credit, where credit is due

    Don C Wetzel is given credit for developing the ATM card machine.
  • Banks Invovled

    First true bank ATMs, Docutel introduced its Total Teller
  • ATMs become popular

    ATMs were in the thousands at this time in the United States, and the machine cost about 30,000 dollars
  • ATM patent

    The atm was issued patent by Don Wewtzel and Docutel company
  • Business Man

    Don founded three financial systems before retiring. The Financial Systems and Equipment Corporation
  • Founded Electronic Banking Systems

  • Family and travel

    After creating his mutli-million dollar businesses he was able to spend more time at home with his family, and they were able to travel together.
  • Founded Autosig Systems Inc.

    Founded Autosig Systems Inc.
  • 401K

    Don Wetzel retired and is living in Dallas, Texas