Rosa Parks

  • Teenager

    Rosa went to a private school for black girls.
    Rosa's mom wanted a better education for her but a private education could'nt shield Rosa from the public humilliation of racism. She had to take the bus and sat in the back becouse she is black person.
  • In her 20's

    In her 20's
    Rosa get married with a flashy man.
    Raymond was a man of conviction and he was an active member of the NAAC. At night she worked as a seamtress and she had through the same degrading ritual taking the city bus, i dont think she enjoyed taking this bus becouse she fekt discrimination to sat the back of the bus. If she hadn´t known the pretty boy with a flashy car Raymond, then she would have been in the NAACP.

    She worked in the NAACP.
    Rosa organized branch meetings, kept the books, worte and mailed letters and press releases. She became a permanent volunteer secretary. She felt very good with her new job and people liked her.
  • Enough is Enough

    Enough is Enough
    Rosa was arretested she don't give up her seat to a white man who needed a seat. The police came and took her to the city jail.
    She was brave enough to bring a case against Alabama's segreagtion laws.If Rosa Parks hadn´t talked to the driver and say no to give up her seat, then she would have to sat to the back of the bus always.
  • A brave person

    A brave person
    Rosa had been staring segregation in the face and saying no. Now she was looking the law in the eyes and without blinking she said yes. She agreed to attack the system that kept her and every black person in the United States. Not all people do that, she was the only balck person at that moment so brave to do this.
  • One person can change everything

    One person can change everything
    Rosa found guilty of breaking the Alabama State segregated bus law. She was fined ten dollars. Although Rosa was convicted, her act had ignited the Montgomery bus boycott, a civil rights movement that would change the face of segregation forever, This prove than one preson's actions can have change everything.