Tycho Brahe

  • Dec 14, 1546

    Birth of Tycho Brahe

  • Nov 16, 1552

    Latin School

    Started taking Latin School
  • Nov 16, 1559

    Studies at his University

    Tycho began studies at the University of Copenhagen
  • Feb 4, 1562

    Sent to Europe Tour

    Jørgen Thygesen Brahe sent him on a study tour of Europe.
  • Aug 5, 1565

    Death of his Foster Father

    His uncle and foster father died due pneumonia.
  • Dec 29, 1566

    Lost his Nose

    Tycho lost part of his nose in a duel against fellow Danish nobleman Manderup Parsbjerg.
  • Nov 11, 1572

    Tycho found a Supernova

    Tycho observed a very bright star which had unexpectedly appeared in the constellation Cassiopeia that is a supernova.
  • Jun 6, 1573

    Publish of New Book

    He published a small book, thereby coining the term nova for a "new" star.
  • Decline of Influence

    Tycho's influence declined due to the death of Frederick.
  • Death of Tycho

    Tycho suddenly contracted a bladder or kidney ailment after attending a banquet in Prague and died eleven days later.