Civil rights movement

Civil Rights Movement

By sara17
  • Executive Order, 9981

    Executive Order, 9981
    Truman signed the Executive Order, 9981 that said there should be equal treatment and opportunity for all people in the armed services without considering their race, color, religion, or national origin.
  • Emmett Till

    Emmett Till
    Emmett Till was a fourteen old African boy that got beaten and shot to death in Mississippi after he supposedly whistled at a white women. Two white men got charged with the crime attack. They should've got the death penatly or something much worse.
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks
    Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat at the front of the “colored section” (where she was suppose to be) to a white man passenger. She ended up getting arrested and the Montgomery black community had a bus boycott. The boycott lasted a little over a year until the buses were desegregated December 21, 1956. Martin Luther King Jr. leaded the boycott.
  • Autherine Juanita Lucy

    Autherine Juanita Lucy
    University of Alamba acceped Autherine Lucy as it’s first African American student. February 3rd she got suspended for her own safety because of two white students. Later she was expelled for criticizing the University.
  • Little Rock Nine

    Little Rock Nine
    All white Central High Schools learned that integration was easier said then done. Nine black students were blocked from going into their high school. On the orders of Governor, Orval Faunus. Eisenhower sent troops and National Guard to get inbewteen with the students who became known as the “Little Rock Nine”
  • Mark Charles Parker

    Mark Charles Parker
    Mark Charles Parker was an African American man who was accused of raping a white women. He was taken from jail in Mississippi and lynched by a mob on April 25. He didnt rape this girl, but got accused and punished for it.
  • The start of the Sit-ins

    The start of the Sit-ins
    Four African American students arranged a sit-in at Carolina on Sit-ins movement spread rapidly and by the end of the month 31 lunch counter sit-ins were held in many other states.