american revolution

By jmt197
  • sugar act

    in 1765 but a 3 cent tax on foreign refined sugar and increased taxes on coffee,indigo,and certain wines.
  • stamp act

    The stamp act was required that all colonists buy special tax stamps for all kinds of products and activity's
  • Boston massacre

    was leading up to a political spark and the red coats or brittish soldiers killed 5 civillians.
  • boston tea party

    When a large group of men borded a ship full of tea disguised as indians raided the ship and threw into the harbor 342 caeses of tea and it came up to 90,000 pounds of tea
  • First Continental congress

    The first Continental Congress met in Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia, from September 5, to October 26, 1774. Carpenter's Hall was also the seat of the Pennsylvania Congress
  • Second continental congress

    In May 1775, with Redcoats once again storming Boston, the Second Continental Congress convened in Philadelphia.
  • battle of bunker hill

    Brittish general willaim howe decided to attack straight up the hill. The american general, israel Putnam, knew his soldiers did not have enough ammunition so they waited until the brittish were about 150ft away and then they shot.
  • Battle of saratoga

    Battle of saratoga was about brittish forces moving into new york and an army of 8,000 would capture the forts on the lake.After general Burrgoyne led men into canada and after being surrounded the brittish surrenderdered on october 17, 1777.
  • Battle of yorktown

    Cornwallis was trapped between the American army and the French navy. By mid-October, Cornwallis was running out of food and ammunition. On October 19, 1781, General Cornwallis and 8,000 British troops surrendered