AP History Chapter 24

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  • Roosevelt Corollary

    Roosevelt Corollary
    Theodore roosevelt created the Roosevelt Corollary of the Monroe Doctrine,
  • Gone!

    In 1911, Porfirio Diaz, the president of Mexico, was overthrown by Francisco I. Madero.
  • Panama Canal

    Panama Canal
    The first ship went through the Panama Canal.
  • Panama!

    In 1914, President Wilson negotiated a treaty with Nicaragua to grant the United States land permits to build a canal in Panama.
  • WWI

    World War I officially begins
  • U-Boats

    In May and August 1915, the German navy sank the Lusitania and the Arabic
  • 1916 Election

    1916 Election
    Democratic candidate Woodrow Wilson defeats Republican Charles E. Hughes 277-254
  • Peace Without Victory

    Peace Without Victory
    Wilson held a speech declaring that the war would be ended through peace with no actual victory
  • Time for War!

    Time for War!
    On April 2, 1917, President Wilson finally asked for a declarationo of war, to intervene in WWII
  • Selective Service Act

    Selective Service Act
    In May 1917, Congress passed the Selective Service Act calling for the Army resistrationof all men ages 21-30
  • Let the Games Begin!

    Let the Games Begin!
    In June 1917, the first American soldier set foot on foreign ground
  • Espionage Act

    Espionage Act
    In 1917, Congress passed the Espionage Act, along with the Trading-With-The-Enemy Act, which would imprision people who aided the enemy, and also gave the government the authority to censor foreign language press.
  • Germany Attacks

    Germany Attacks
    Germany launched a massive assault in Western Europe
  • We're Almost Done...

    We're Almost Done...
    Germany puts forth one final effort towards victory... Only to be SHUT DOWN!
  • We're Done...

    We're Done...
    Germany goes to President Wilson for an armistice
  • Sedition Act

    Sedition Act
    in 1918, Congress passed the Sedition Act giving penalties to any American who was disloyal to the flag, government, or the armed forces.
  • Whoops...

    Eugene V. Debs was convicted for violating the Espionage Act
  • Sorry..

    Germany signs the armistice
  • Peace

    The peace negotiations begin in Paris
  • Election

    Warren G. Harding, republican candidate, defeats James M. Cox and Eugene V. Debs in the 1920 election