chapters 5-9 timeline

  • sitting bull

    sitting bull
    He led his people by strenght and character, sitting bull surrendered and was killed by an American police officer
  • Florence Kelley

    Florence Kelley
    became a social reformer that worked for the sick
  • steam engine

    steam engine
    edwin l. drake used this device to drill for oil
  • Jane adams

    Jane adams
    she founded chicago's hall house in 1889
  • homestead act

    homestead act
    offered 160 acres of land to us citizens
  • Morrill act

    Morrill act
    gave federal land to the states
  • railroads expand

    railroads expand
    railroads expand out west to create business
  • Boss Tweed

    Boss Tweed
    he became the head of Tammy hall
  • treaty of fort laramie

    treaty of fort laramie
    the sioux agreed to live on a reservation along the Missouri river
  • Immigration

    people started to come to america to live a better life
  • typewriter

    christopher sholes invented the typewriter this allowed writing letters to be faster
  • telephone

    Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone so that communication was easier
  • interstate commerce act

    interstate commerce act
    this act established the right of the federal government to supervise railroad activities and established a five memeber ICC interstate commerce commission for that purpose.
  • munn v Illinois

    munn v Illinois
    in this court case the Supreme court took the side of the Granger laws by a vote of two to seven
  • light bulb

    light bulb
    Thomas edision invented the light bulb, this allowed the people to have electricity
  • Chinese exclusion act

    Chinese exclusion act
    this banned chinese on coming into the united states except teachers, merchants, and students
  • brooklyn bridge

    brooklyn bridge
    this was able to be built because of steel. steel was very important
  • Chinese exclusion act

    Chinese exclusion act
    this act banned chinese from coming to america except students merchants and teachers
  • the rise and fall of populism

    the rise and fall of populism
    it was a movement of people that wanted reforms
  • teddy Roosevelt

    teddy Roosevelt
    he became president; he tried to make the enviorment a better place