Articles of Confederation

By lily21
  • each state only had one vote in congress

    The Articles of confederation allowed states to send however many people to congress as they wanted, but each state only had one in congress. changes in the articles could only be made if all 13 states agreed.
  • Articles of Confederation had no power to provide money to states

    The Articles of Confederation didn have the power to tax people. Congress had to petition the states for money because it had no power to force the states to provide money
  • weak government

    By the early 1780's the Nationalists seeked to stengthen the national goverentment, they expressed their views about the dangers of a weak national government in newspaper articles and private latters. they saw the period from 1781 to 1787 as a dangerous time of indecision about how to govern the nation.
  • the nation was in debt

    The nation was in debt of about $50 million because of the war, they borrowed money from foriegn countries to pay for the war. Governments printed cheap money to help citizens pay off their loans.
  • shays rebellion

    Massachusettes was taxing citizens with the heaviest direct tax ever, the tax was paid in specie. a man, Daniel Shays didnt think this was fair and didnt pay his taxes, and he started a rebellion that spead through the local area.
  • Annapolis Convention

    Nationalists had a convention in Annapolis, Maryland, to discuss economic problems that couldnt be solved under the Articles of Confederation. The convention didnt rally interest in dealing with the weakness of the article. They had another convention in Philadlphia in 1787 to try to fix the government.