Shattering Glass BrianI

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    Shattering Glass BrianI

  • Rob transferred to B'Vale and became popular

    Rob transferred to B'Vale and became popular
    Page 2- Withing minutes, every girl in the school was tonguehung in lust, and within days, he had snatched the popularity crown off Lance Ansley's head. Right when Rob moved to B'Vale he became popular.
  • Simon is bullied

    Simon is bullied
    Page 5- "Lance leaned over and grabbed the exposed elastic band of Glass's underwear." Everybody bullied Simon because of the way he dressed and acted. Stop Bullying
  • Rob is demanding

    Rob is demanding
    Page 9- Rob says, "The sub did what i wanted. Game over. I won." Rob knows that the others do not have fathers that care, so he acts like a father and gets them to do what he wants.
  • Simon hacks into the school's network

    Simon hacks into the school's network
    Page 77- Simon says, "I'll hack into the main program. You'll be taking creative writing, but the report card that goes out to your dad will read "Advanced Biology". I'll build in an overide so that when your Creative Writing teacher enters your grade, the main program picks it up as Biology."
    Young did not want to be in Biology, but his father was making him. Computer Hacking
  • Simon pretends to be Lance and send Alice a birthday card

    Simon pretends to be Lance and send Alice a birthday card
    Page 119- Alice says, "I wanted to thank you for the card, Lance", Lance says, "What card?", so it was not Lance who sent the card. When Simon hacked into the school's network, he found out that Lance was allergic to strawberries. Then Simon sent Alice a card and letters saying Happy Birthday, that he likes strawberries, and that he likes her.
  • Lance steals Bobster's ring

    Lance steals Bobster's ring
    139-Bob said, "Lance, He said he'd ruin my face if i tried to move. He wanted my ring". Lance knew that Bobster was at Simon's house and when Lance wanted the ring he did not defend himself, he just gave it up. Ring theif
  • Young agreed to give up Ronna

    Young agreed to give up Ronna
    Page 155-Rob wanted Simon to win class favorite and he said for that to happen Simon needed a girl like Ronna and Young said ok. Rob wanted everything to go the way he planned, so he made Young agree to give Ronna up by making him feel guilty.
  • Rob wins class favorite

    Rob wins class favorite
    Page 206- The Deputy announced other awards including Simon for wittiest, then announced Blair and Rob as the class favorites. Rob told everybody to vote for Simon, but Simon changed the votes and Rob won Class Favorite.
  • We find out Simon changed the votes

    We find out Simon changed the votes
    Page 209- Simon says, "I'll tell you what I did. I built an ovveride into the school's computer. The same way i did to change Young's schedule. Any vote that went to me for class favorite was transferred to you." Simon decided not to listen to Rob and he changed the votes.
  • Rob kills Simon

    Rob kills Simon
    Page 214/215- Rob and Coop beat Simon to death with baseball bats. When Rob found out that Simon did not do what he was planning, he got mad and killed him. [Teen killed with bat](\)