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Shattering Glass

  • True Hate

    True Hate
    Losing It All"Rob was hot and he was cool. You know what i mean? He and Blair were a couple, but nobody ever saw it as a love match. Blair used to be with Lance, then with Rob." Lance used to be the popular guy in the school until Rob showed up. When Rob came along he had lost all of his power, He was no longer at the top ,so he began to tease and bully others below him.
  • Lance's Fight Encounter With Simon

    Lance's Fight Encounter With Simon
    Wicked"Dork-baiting is amateur hour. What'sthe challenge making Glass look stupid ? Lance didnt prove anything except that he is desperate for attention." After Lance beat Simon up in the commons Lance had gotten upset that people admired Lance for that . That was when he had come up with the idea to take on a real challenge. To make Simon popular. He began shceming ways on how to get Simon to the top of the social class.
  • Rob Goes And Sits With Simon

    Rob Goes And Sits With Simon
    New FriendsDuring lunch the next day Rob goes over and sits with Simon. All of the boys in the group follow him there. Suddenly everyone noticed something was wrong, because no one would expect Rob being so popular to sit with Simon. He had taken his first step into his plan.
  • Rob Reads Touch

    Rob Reads Touch
    Secrets"My father never read my short stories. Coop and Bob had both asked, but their interest was more of a matter of friendship than literature. I dodged them. But i gave Rob one my stories the first time he asked." Young had opened up to Rob and allowed him to read the story with one of his biggest secrets. He trusted Rob and Rob immediatley understood Young's pain. He was a source of reassurance rather than make fun of him.
  • Simon's Transformation

    Simon's Transformation
    Body Image"Glass my man " Robwalked around the chair, nodding and smiling."This is getting easier by the minute" The guys had all met up at Simons house , they had a makeover planned for Simon. They bought him a whole new wardrobe, changed his hair and set up an exercise program for him. Although we are all taught not to judge a book by its cover we all do, so Rob thought it would be easier to make Simon popular if he looked the part.
  • Simon's Confidence Boost.

    Simon's Confidence Boost.
    Gaining Confidence"Simon , arent you hot in those heavy sweats? Why dont you take off the shirt" Malice dusted Caroline's tone "If i did" - Simon wheezed- Small children would run shrieking from the beach in horror, and if anyone happened to be equipped with a whaling harpoon..." Simon had began to gain confidence. When they were at the beach playing volleyball he started to talk back to Lance. Then everyone began accepting Simon. Even Ronna Perry had began to open up to Simon.
  • Schedule Change

    Schedule Change
    "Rob told me about your Creative Writing course." "Thats my ex Creative Writting course" I declared... " Ill hack into the main program. You'll be taking Creative Writing, but the report card that goes to your dad would read "Advanced Biology."..." Simon had planned to help Young out by changeing his schedule. Young began to actually like Simon after this. Simonwas gaining his spot.
  • Mistaken Identity

    Mistaken Identity
    "This is strange." Simon turned around. "I pulled up Rob's file and..."... "It looks like Rob isnt who he says "...When i typed in Rob Haynes, his file came up . But look here.. It says Haynes Robert, but theres an asterisk... It says Baddeck, Robert HAYNES jr." When Simon was hacking into the schools computer sistem he found out that Rob had a diffrent name. Also that he liked in the next town over. Rob had been lyiing about who he was and no one even knew about it, or why he had done it.
  • The Wolverine Unmasked

    The Wolverine Unmasked
    "WHO IS THE WOLVERINE? HOMECOMING SURPRISE-DON'T MISS IT! THE WOLVERINE UNMASKED" "Simon Glass was amazing at Homecoming. We'd been just kind of nice to Simon because of Rob and face it, he was getting more presentable everyday . But Homecoming-- he came into his own. He didnt hang on to Rob's coattails, he took over, got confidence or pride... or something." At homecoming Simon unvailed that he had been the Wolverine. He had been his own person that night not who Rob wanted him to be.
  • Messing With Rob

    Messing With Rob
    " I dont need a weapon, Rob. All i need to do is say your name. Your real name. Robert Haynes Baddeck , Junior" "Quite a little story , Rob . What i find so curious is why it went on for so long." "Simon turned to me . He didnt see Rob behind him raising his bat high. " Simon had disturbed Rob by changing the votes for the elections. Then when Rob was upset he brought up the secret he thought no one knew. Simon brought it up and got Rob very angry . That led Rob to hit him with the bat.