WWII and Local History Timeline

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    WWII timespan

  • Germany invades poland

    Germany invades poland
    Ther invasion of poland was called the September Campaign. And it was also called the 1939 Defensive War.
  • Thousands of persons of all faiths

    Thousands of persons of all faiths
    There was a county fair on this day. They joined in a peace demonstartion as great britain declared war on germany.
  • France surrenders to germany

    France surrenders to germany
    On this day France surrenders to Germany because they are to powerful. Also, this invasion ended the phoney war
  • Wendell willkie

    Wendell willkie
    Wendell Willkie spoke a forbes field On October 3, 1940. He spoke about the war and what was going on.
  • President Roosevelt

    President Roosevelt
    President Roosevelt was in Pittsburgh on October 11, 1940. He was here to tour the mills and dedicated Terrace Village.
  • Allegheny County men

    Allegheny County men
    There were a total of 188,876 men. These men registered for the nations first peacetime draft.
  • Roosevelt vs. Willkie

    Roosevelt vs. Willkie
    On this date Roosevelt received a record 630,00 votes. This gave him a 105,599 vote lead over Willkie.
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Attack on Pearl Harbor
    Pearl Harbor was destroyed on December 7, 1941. THis was a very trageic day for the United States.
  • Ages 20 to 44

    Ages 20 to 44
    a total of 115,000 Allegheny County men were registered for the draft. Theses men were also ages 20 to 44.
  • Battle of midway

    Battle of midway
    THe battle of midway was after a battle named coral sea. IT was also after the bombing of pearl harbor.
  • The army show

    The army show
    The army show was shown at pitt stadium. There were numerous veterans at this stadium.
  • Battle of StalinGrad

    Battle of StalinGrad
    Stalingrad had been known as Tsanitsyn until 1925. And now has been known as Volgograd since 1961.
  • German Aliens

    German Aliens
    There were twenty nine germans just outside of pittsburgh. They werer then arrested and put into jail.
  • "HollyWood Cavalcade"

    "HollyWood Cavalcade"
    This was sold at forbes field in 87,000,000 in war bonds. People involved with this were Greer Garson, Fred Astaire, and Harpo Marx.
  • Charles E. Kelly

    Charles E. Kelly
    This was a man that was in world war 2. He was Pittsburgh's first Congressional Medal Of Honor winner in WWII.
  • Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt

    Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt
    She made her third visit to pittsburgh on this date. She was the wife of Mr.Roosevelt.
  • D-Day

    JUne 6th was a huge turning point in WWII. THis was a big day because nazi units were invading Europe
  • The fith War Loan

    The fith War Loan
    The fifth war loan went over the limit. The limit was 334,914,500 and they went 5,000,000 dollars over the limit.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge
    The battle of the bulge started in 1944. But then ended in 1945.
  • Allies liberate free paris

    Allies liberate free paris
  • His fouth term

    His fouth term
    Roosevelt won in his fourth term on November 8, 1944. He was glad to be back, but a couple months later he died.
  • battle of Iwo Jima

    battle of Iwo Jima
    The battle of Iwo jima was when the U.S invaded japan and captured Iwo Jima. Also, this U>S invasion also involved capturing 3 airfields.
  • FDR dies

    FDR dies
    Fdr dies on April 12, 1945. After he spent four terms as president.
  • TRuman becomes president

    TRuman becomes president
    Truman becomes president on april 12, 1945. Do to Franklin Roosevelts death
  • Hitler commits suicide

    Hitler commits suicide
    Hitler dies on April 30, 1945 in Berlin. Hitler killed himself by gunshot and syonide poisining.
  • VE-Day

    This day marks the day of victory. A day of victory for all allies in WWII.
  • Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki

    Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki
    For a number of months the united staes used bombings on 67 japan cities. And the target was Hiroshima this time.
  • Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima

    Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima
    On the morning of August 6th there was a bomb going straight for Hiroshima. It is located on the deltas southwestern island of Honshu.
  • "The City"

    "The City"
    On this date Pittsbugh was very excited. They were excited because japan had surrendered.
  • VJ-DAy

    VJ-Day or also known as victory over japan day. This day wast he day that Japan surrendered.