WWII timeline

  • Philadelphia

    At the beginning of WWII helped to elevated Philadelphia out of the Depression. This is because the war created many new jobs in the defense departments.
  • Period: to


  • Pa

    Freight carts and ships moved through the u.s. Most being brought through Pittsburgh
  • Germany invades Poland

    Germany began its assualt on the world by first conquering Poland. which took almost a month
  • Old Pennsylvania

    Most Pennsylvanians did not like the idea of war. they were too tied up iin the great depression
  • Peace Demonstrations

    Peace demonstrations occured by people of all faiths at a County Fair. They were demonstating because Great Britain had just declared war on Nazi Germany.
  • Pirate Game

    Pirate Game
    The Pittsburgh Pirates played their frist game at Forbes Field.
  • France surrenders to Germany

    France surrenders to Germany. The armistice was made official june 25th
  • old Pennsylvania

    passed a peacetime draft law. which caused every male from the ages of 21-36 to enter the draft
  • Peacetime Draft

    Allegheny County men registered for the peacetime draft. There were 188,876 men in all. Officially, 89,069 men were city residents.
  • Pa

    in 1940 industrial leaders in York Pa began and industrial expansion. By highering more workers
  • Stell production

    Due to the wartime efforts, the steel production matched that of 1929. The Pittsburgh steel mills were operating at 100 percent capacity.
  • old pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania had sent troops to the war. By the end of the war more than 500,000 Pennsylvanians had served in the war
  • old Pensylvania

    Pennsylvania had deployed the national guard. They had been deployed to different camps in the U.S
  • Smoke Control

    City Council wanted to pass a more stringent smoke control ordinance. This ordinance had to be postponed due to the war.
  • Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

    Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
    The day that Japan had Began a suprise attack on the U.S.A. The picture is the U.S.S. Arizona which is left undersea as a memorial to all who lost there life that day
  • Air Raid Drills

    Air Raid Drills were organized in Pittsburgh.
  • Battle of Midway

    The battle of Midway started on June 4th 1942. And, ended on june 7th 1942
  • Battle of Stalingrad

    Germany invades Russia. Other axis powers helped
  • D Day

    The date that the allies stormed the beachs of Normandy. The original date for d-day was june 5th but due to expected weather conditions it was pushed back a day.
  • Allies Liberate Paris

    Paris was freed from Axis control(Germany). Germany surrenders to the allied powers.
  • Battle of the bulge

    Americans and Germans battle it out in the ardennes forest. It was mid december so it was extremely cold out
  • Battle of Iwo Jima

    The battle of Iwo Jima. It was a operation to fight the Japanese and take over Iwo Jima
  • FDR dies

    FDR dies
    this is the date that FDR had died. His cause of death was a massive stroke
  • Truman becomes president

    Truman becomes president
    Truman became the president the moment that FDR had died. Truman became VP in 1944
  • Hitler commits suicide

    Hitler commited suicide on this date. There is no proof whether he did commit suicide
  • VE Day

    Germany and the other nations surrender. The war in the European front is won
  • atomic bomb dropped on nagasaki

    Atomic bomb dropped on a large japanese city. One of two used nuclear weapons in history
  • atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima

    atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima one of the largest cities in Japan. The last of the two nuclear bombings in history
  • VJ day

    Japan surrenders To the United States. After fighting for years the war is finished
  • Philadelphians Fighting in WWII

    At this time, there were 184,000 Philadelphians that were serving in the Armed Forces. Many of the minorities that were excluded from the Union were used to fill in the job openings.