ww2 timetoast timeline

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    ww 2 timetoast timeline

  • germany invades poland

    germany invades poland
    this was the start of ww 2 when germany invaded poland, it was the dawn of the day when germany's army rolled across the 1,250 miles of the Polish border
  • peace

    Thousands of persons of all faiths, attending the county fair, joined in a peace demonstration as Great Britain declared war on Nazi Germany.
  • Battle of MIdway

    Battle of MIdway
    it was fought over and near the tiny U.S. mid-Pacific base at Midway atoll.Japan possessed general naval superiority over the United States
  • First "blackout" practice took place.

  • 1942

    The Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railroad began razing its huge steel train shed behind the old Wabash Station and consigned it to the Pittsburgh scrap drive.
  • The battle of stalingrad

    The battle of stalingrad
    Germany launces an attack on the sovient Union. this battle lasted until Feburary 2, 1943
  • D day

    D day
    troops landed along a 50-mile stretch on French coastline. to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, France
  • no strike pledge

    In a mass rally outside the East Pittsburgh plant, 20,000 employees of Westinghouse reaffirmed a no-strike pledge for duration of the war.
  • pittsburgh plants

    A survey showed that war contracts completed to date or underway in Pittsburgh district plants totaled $903,398,644, with $322,000,000 of it delivered to the front lines.
  • Allies Liberate (free) paris

    Allies Liberate (free) paris
    Nazi German garrison in Paris, France, surrendered to Allied forces.completing the liberation of Paris.
  • shoppers were stranded downtown

    Thousands of Monday night Christmas shoppers were stranded Downtown by a 15-inch snowfall; all hotels were filled to capacity and lobbies were pressed into service as shelter; mills, schools, and many other activities were forced to suspend for two days.
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge
    Hitler’s plan was to launch a massive attack using three armies on the Allies which would destabilise their accord and also take the huge port of Antwerp through
  • battle of Iwo Jima

    battle of Iwo Jima
    Iwo Jima is a very small Pacific island – just over 4.5 miles long and 2.5 miles wide which lies at the foot of the Bonin chain of islands, south of the main Japanese island of Honshu. the Japanese were determined to keep control of it.here were about 22,000 soldiers under the command of Lieutenant-General Kuribayashi.
  • FDR dies, Truman Becomes president

    FDR dies, Truman Becomes president
    When Fdr dies Truman becomes president
  • special prayer services

    The city and county governments, and all other activities were suspended, all churches scheduled special prayer services, and Mayor Scully asked all amusement places to close in mourning for President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • Hitler commits suicide

    Hitler commits suicide
    Hitler moved into the Führerbunker, located 50 feet below the Chancellery buildings in Berlin.About 2:30 in the morning Hitler came out of his private quarters into a dining area for a farewell with staff membersAt noon, Hitler attended his last military situation conference and was told the Soviets were just a block away around 3:30
  • France surrenders to Germany

    France surrenders to Germany
    When France and Germany start fighting it only takes about a week for france to surrender.
  • V-E day

    V-E day
    This is the day that it said we become allies with germany, this was because of the dealth of the leaders.
  • election for pennsylvania

    Dr. Paul R. Anderson, dean of Lawrence College in Appleton, Wisconsin, was elected president of Pennsylvania College for Women to succeed Dr. Herbert L. Spencer.
  • Atomic bomb drpped on Nagasaki

    Atomic bomb drpped on Nagasaki
    This was when the Americans dropped this bomb on this town in Japan, 80,000 dealths were said
  • vj day

    vj day
    this was the victory over Japan this ended ww 2. japan surrendered to the us