Benchmark#3 2nd Industrial Revolution

  • Light Buld Electricity Edison

    Light Buld Electricity Edison
    The light bulb brought amazing changes. Its produces light and allows us to see in the dark. I turns night into day. Edison was another pioneer of communications technolgy.
  • Steel Bessemen Process

    Steel Bessemen Process
    this method could produce more stel in one day than the older techniques could turn out in a week.
  • Oil Edwin L. Drake

    Oil Edwin L. Drake
    The oil could be turned into kersene and be able to light up lamps and other things. Edwin L Drake, used a steam engine to drill for the oil near Titusville, Pennsylvania in 1859
  • Transportation Railroads

    Transportation Railroads
    Innovations in the steel and oil industries led to a urge of advances in the transportation industry, Th railroads had the availibility of cheap steel provided y the besseemer process had a significant impact on the railroad expanision.
  • Communication Telegraph Telephone

    Communication Telegraph Telephone
    The telephone allowed people to communicate from far distances.
  • Homestead Act

    Homestead Act
    This act permmitted any citizen or intended citizen to select any surveyed land up to 160 acres and to gain the title to that land after five years living on that land.
  • Pacific Railway Act

    Pacific Railway Act
    gave lands to railroad companies to devlop a railroad line linking the west and east coast.