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WWII Timetoast Timeline

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    WWII Timetoast Timeline

  • Germany invades Poland

    Germany invades Poland
    Using 2000tanks and more than 1000 planes,Germany broke the Polish defense along the border. We had a big advantage over Worsaw. Worsaw surrendered on September 27,1939
  • Peace Demonstration

    Peace Demonstration
    Thousands of persons of all faiths, attending the county fair, joined in a peace demonstration as Great Britain declared war on Nazi Germany. There were a lot of people at this event.
  • Pittsburgh in the defense program

    Pittsburgh in the defense program
    Industrial leaders met with public officials to plan for the Pittsburgh district resources for the nation's $5,000,000,000 defense program. Pittsburgh is trying to get invovled.
  • France surrenders to Germany

    France surrenders to Germany
    During this period, Hitler built up his forces on Germany's western frontier. In April 1940, German forces invaded Denmark and Norway. In May 1940, Hitler's forces attacked France, conquering the Luxembourg, Netherlands and Belgium in the process. France surrendered on 22 June 1940. These victories persuaded Benito Mussolini of Italy to join the war on Hitler's side on 10 June 1940.
  • Japs attack Peral Harbor

    Japs attack Peral Harbor
    This was planned weeks before it happended. Japs thought it would be a good idea to hit ourships. Also, destory our navy fleet. After this event it was war.
  • Pittsburgh enlists

    Pittsburgh enlists
    More than 1200 Pittsburgh young men volunteered for enlistment in the armed services in one day. This is alot of people, but even more people enlisted the next day.

    First "blackout" practice took place. This was really significant beacuse of bombing it would be very dark.
  • Battle of Midway

    Battle of Midway
    This is considered the decisive battle of the war in the Pacific. The Japanese tried to destory our pacific fleet. They did not because of the intelligent communication success, we did a surprise attack on them. This battle ended on June 7,1942.
  • Building an LST

    Building an LST
    The Dravo Corporation in Neville Island were bulding LST ships. LST stands for Landing Ship Tank.
  • Battle of Stalingard

    Battle of Stalingard
    This battle was the longest,bloddiest,and most violent in WWII.This was the turning point in the war. this battle was started becuase of oil. This battle ended on Feburay2,1943.
  • D-Day

    160,000 allied troops wanted to fight Nazi-Germany on the coastline of Normady France. D-Day was the day that killed or injured more than 9,000 allied soliders. There were more then 100,00 solider began to march across Europe to defeat Hitler. They first had to march through water.

    In a mass rally outside the East Pittsburgh plant, 20,000 employees of Westinghouse reaffirmed a no-strike pledge for duration of the war. This is good becuase then we can maker more weapons.
  • Pittsburgh gives money

    Pittsburgh gives money
    A survey showed that war contracts completed to date in Pittsburgh district plants totaled $903,398,644, with $322,000,000 of it delivered to the front lines. So Pittsburgh was trying to give the money to the the war.
  • Allies Liberate (free) Paris

    Allies Liberate (free) Paris
    Paris was under the occupation of Germany for 4 years. German General Diet Richvon ChoHitz was arrested when he refused Hitler's order. Which was to destory Paris.
  • Battle of Bulge

    Battle of Bulge
    This battle is also known as the battle of Ardennes. Since the contditions were foggy, there was a total surpriseof of the allies, Germany snuck deep into Belgium creating a bulge. When the battle was over there was an american victory. this battle ened on Janaury 25,1945
  • Relocation of Japanese-Americans

    Relocation of Japanese-Americans
    The US supreme court stood by the wartime relocation od the Japanese-Americans. Although they say that loyal Americans of Japanese ancestry could not contiue to be detained.
  • Highest-paid educator resigned

    Highest-paid educator resigned
    Dr. John G. Bowman the nation's highest-paid educator of the day at $31,500 a year, resigned after 15 years as chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh. He waa many people's idols.
  • The Battle of Iwo Jima

    The Battle of Iwo Jima
    This is also known as operation attachment. The U.S. invaded the sulfur island. The point of this battle was to inflict many caulties on allies. The battle ended on March 25,1945.
  • FDR dies, Truman becomes President

    FDR dies, Truman becomes President
    FDR dies of a cerebal hembrige at Warm Springs in Georgia. When FDR dies his vice president was Truman,elected that day.Truman was had very limited involvment in administration. His first project was the atomic weapon project.
  • FDR mournings

    FDR mournings
    The city and county governments, business, schools, and all other activities were suspended All churches scheduled special prayer services, and Mayor Scully asked all amusement places to close in mourning for President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • War artifacts

    War artifacts
    State Museum and State Archives were given World War I articles that were also used in World War II. These articles were, flame throwers, pictures and/or models of U-boats and submarines.
  • Hitler Commits Sucicide

    Hitler Commits Sucicide
    Hitler dictated his will and political statements, to his private sectratory. Hitler shot himself in the temple while biting into a cyanide capsule.
  • VE-Day

    Vistory in Europe day. VE-Day was named by the allies. VE-day is a role model for the VJ-Day.
  • Pittsburgh listens

    Pittsburgh listens
    Many people all over the Pittsburgh area were listening to the radio as President Truman come on and says, "World War II had ended inEurope." So many people were very joyful!
  • Atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima

    Atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima
    There was a bomber,B-29-Enola Gay, that took off from TInian. the target being hiroshinma which was a high population and an important military center. The bomb was nick-named little boy. When it was releasedbirds that were aaround caught oin fire,people were covered with burns. No-one will ever know how many people actually died.
  • Atomic Bomb dropped in Nagaski

    Atomic Bomb dropped in Nagaski
    They carried a bomb from the island Tinian. The bomb nick named " Fat Boy". The clouds and poor visablitity effected the primary target,Kohura,so headed for the secondary target.
  • Russian labor leaders

    Russian labor leaders
    Russian labor leaders arrived to tour the district's steel mills. Russian labor leaders came to see what we use to make different products, in our steel industry.
  • VJ-Day

    This day is know as the day when Japan surrenders. it is alos known as VP-Day or victory in the pacific Day. Named after VE-Day for Victory in Europe.

    Pittsburgh was so happy and joyfull that Japan surrendered and the war was over. There were a lot of celbration all over the city.
  • War contract over

    War contract over
    Pittsburgh district industries laid off 7000 workers as the first cancellation of a war contract became effective. Since the war was gone they did not have to work on materials for the war.