20080314 sherlock holmes

The Adventure of The Speckled Band By Pascale Chalmers-Arnold

By perins
  • Sherlock Holmes is visited by a woman who wants his help to solve her mystery!

    Ms Helen Stoner (a twin and also step daughter of odd man) comes to Sherlock Holmes about the mystery of her twin sister%u2019s death and the strange whistling sound she can hear now she has moved into her dead sister%u2019s old room.
  • Sherlock is visited by Dr Grimesby Roylott

    Once Ms Stoner had left, Sherlock Holmes and Dr John H. Watson are visited by Ms Helen Stoner%u2019s stepfather, Dr Grimesby Roylott who tells them to keep out of his personal business.
  • Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson travel to the manor house in Reading

    Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson travel to Reading from London to visit Ms Helen Stoner in her and her stepfather%u2019s manor house.
  • Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson inspect the manor house rooms for clues

    Once Sherlock and Dr Watson are at the house, they inspect the room that her sister died in and the other rooms in the house for clues.
  • Sherlock and Dr Watson find a dummy ventilator and bell-rope

    They discovered that the ventilator and bell-rope were both dummies and that the ventilator opened out into the next-door rooms (her stepfather%u2019s room and her room) and that the bed was clamped to the floor.
  • Mysterious clues in Dr Grimesby Roylott's room

    Sherlock investigated Dr Grimesby Roylott%u2019s bedroom for clues and quizzed Ms Stoner on some of the strange objects purpose and why they were in there.
  • Night investigation

    They stayed up during the night and waited to find out the cause of Ms Helen Stoner%u2019s twin sister, Julia death and surely soon Helen Stoner%u2019s death as well.
  • Sound coming from the ventilator

    Sherlock and Dr Watson were awoken by the sound of something in the ventilator and so they gave the creature a fright so that it turned back on itself in the ventilator.
  • Dr Grimesby's pet

    A minute later the creature (an Indian swamp adder %u2013 one of the deadliest snakes in India) turned back on his master (Dr Grimesby Roylott) and killed him.
  • Dr Grimesby's Death

    Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson discovered the mystery of Ms Julia Stoner%u2019s death and the speckled band and saved Ms Helen Stoner%u2019s life.