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Smart Start History

By hcfiv
  • Smart Start is Authorized

    Smart Start’s authorizing legislation is ratified on July 9 and receives $20 million appropriation. The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc. is created; the newly created N.C. Division of Child Development develops and implements Smart Start. Gov. Hunt announces selection of 12 “pioneer” partnerships representing 18 counties.
  • Smart Start Grows to 13 Counties

    Smart Start appropriation grows to $47 million; 12 additional partnerships are named from 13 counties.
  • Smart Start now in 43 Counties

    Smart Start appropriation increased to $58 million; additional 11 counties are selected. Smart Start services available in 43 counties.
  • 30% of Funding to Subsidy

    Independent performance audit calls Smart Start a credible program that should be expanded. Smart Start appropriation now $67 million. 12 additional partnerships added. Legislation passes requiring 30 percent of Smart Start funds be used for child care subsidies. N.C. Partnership for the Childrens takes over administration of Smart Start.
  • Gov James Hunt wins Re-election

  • Core Services Developed

    State Level Strategic Planning Committtee develops core services to guide local partnerships in developing and implemmenting services