My Family Timeline

By trieu
  • The beginning of the Tran family

    Thuyen was 19 when he me Ngat.
  • The woman Thuyen fell in love with

    Ngat was Thuyen's first and only true love.
  • Thuyen and Ngat got married

  • The 1st son in the family

    Truong Tran was the Thuyen and Ngat's first child.
  • Their 2nd child

    Ngat worked so hard that she almost killed her second dauther Trinh.
  • The 3rd child was born a year later

    Tram was born a year after Trinh.
  • A large gap when the 4th child was born

    Trung was born late.
  • Finally, the last daughter to be born

    The last girl in the family was named Trieu.
  • Family as one

    Everyone has grown up and gathered here for family reunion.