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    The radio

    Durring this time the traditional AM radio was still widely used around Australia as its number 1 source of communication.
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    Durring the early stages when television was introduced, it was considered a new technology and olny the wealthy could afford it. By the end of the 1950's it was estimated that over 2/3 of the population owned a television and it son became the number one form of communication. Taking over print media, radio and cinema. By the mid 1960's television was available in almost every part of Australia, excluding remote areas. it was estimated by 1965 9/10 Australians owned a television set.
  • STD calls

    STD calls
    STD was introduced in the mid 1960's, allowing people to directly call someone over a long distance without the operator inbetween.
  • Satellite & Telecommunication

    Satellite & Telecommunication
    During this time satellite communication revolutionised the way we communicated with the rest of the world. For such an isolated country like Australia the benefits of this technology was immense.
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    Televised war

    For the first time in history, television brought images of the war directly into people's homes. The war in Vietnam was televised. This brought the awareness of the public to what war was realy like.
  • Satellite T.V

    Satellite T.V
    In 1966 a satellite was introduced to transmit and recieve telephone calls and signals wich launched Australias first satellite phone calls and televisions.
  • Hooked up to the rest of the world

    Hooked up to the rest of the world
    In this year Australias entire telecommunication systems was hooked up to the satellite system. Enabling us to fully communicate with the rest of the world more efficiently and productively.
  • Period: to

    The home telephone

    Durring this time period the telephone was largely popular. By 1973 it was estimated that 1/3 of Austrlias residents owned a home telephone. In the 1970s, the dial telephone was replaced with a keypad telephone similar to what we have now, this benefited Australians by making dialling even quicker.
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    The computer

    Durring this time span the technolgy for computers advanced. Form having a large bulky machine which only large businesses and some universities could afford, it soon becme a form of communication that was reliable and useful tool for businesses and people.
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    Durring this period large co-orporations seized the opportunity to advertise their product over the new form of communication, television. This gave an increase in the popularity of some products, sparking more sales and profit.
  • FM radio

    FM radio
    In the mid 70's FM radio was introduced. FM radio provided a much higher quality than the traditional AM stations.
  • Colour T.V was here

    in 1975, Colour television was introduced in Australia. It was estimated that 70% of households in Sydney owned a colour television set by 1978
  • The mobile telephone

    The mobile telephone
    During this time the mobile telephone was introduced. Weighing in at half a kilogram, they were large and bulky. when mobile phones were commercially available to Australian residents the price of this commodity could start and almost $4500.
  • The internet

    The internet
    Throuout the 1990's as computers became a more popular form of communication was introduced called the internet. This allowed the operator to communicate, recieve/transmit information over long distances, shop, leisure activities and was a reliable tool for businesses.
  • Pay T.V

    Pay T.V
    In 1995, pay T.V was introduced. This gave Australians a more variety of sport, movies, news and entertainment.
  • Mobile phone 2.0

    Mobile phone 2.0
    By this time mobile phones have become cheaper and more reliable. By this time it was estimated that 45% of Australians owned a mobile phone, this gave Australians a means of communication that wasn't bound to a cable, it allowed more freedom and versatility.