Civil Rights Timeline

  • Rosa Parks arrested

    Rosa parks was arrested for not giving up her seat to a white passenger.
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott

    the africans weren't riding the bus any more because of Rosa Park's arrest.
  • Governer Faubus Brings Nationalguard to Arkansas

    Governer Faubus deployed the national guard to LittleRock High School to stop African American students from attending.
  • Sit in at WoolsWorth luch counter

    The owner of WoolsWorth lun counter refused to service African Americans so they they all came to sit in and protest.
  • Freedom Riders' bus burned down

    A freedom rders bus was burned by protesters that stood against the freedom riders
  • The other america

  • Peacful Demonstrators attacked In Birmingham, Alabama

    Martin Lithuer King was arrested in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Letter From A Birmingham Jail

    Martin Luther King wrote a letter from jail.
  • March on Washington

    Civil rights organizers staged a massive demonstration
  • I Have A Dream speech

    Martin Luther King presented hi famous I Have a Dream speech
  • JFK assinated

  • 24th Amanedment passed

  • Civil rights Bill passed

  • Lyndon B Johnson became president

    Jfk was assinated this day so Lyndon B Johnson came into office
  • Malcom X Assinated

    Malcom x was assinated by Black Muslims in Harlem
  • Watts Riot

  • Voting Rights Act

  • Martin Luther King Assinated

    Martin Luther King was assinated
  • Forced busing ACT

    The forced busing act begins