The Bet

  • The Argument

    The Argument
    This is in the beggining of the story when the Old Banker and Lawyer have their argument about capital punishment or life in prison. This is when the bet is brought up.
  • Period: to

    The Bet

  • First Day of Jail

    First Day of Jail
    At 12 o'clock noon the Lawyer starts his fifteen years in jail. He will stay in jail intil November 14, 1885.
  • The First Year

    The First Year
    During the first year the lawyer suffered from depresison and loneliness. He played piano day and night and read light novels.
  • Year Two

    Year Two
    In the second year he did not play the piano and only read classic books.
  • The Fifth Year

    The Fifth Year
    In the fifth year he played the piano again. This year the prisoner asked for wine and spent a lot of time eating and drinkiing. He did not read however, but he did write.
  • The Second Half of the Sixth Year

    The Second Half of the Sixth Year
    During the second half of the sixth year the lawyer began to study different languages, philosophy, and history.
  • The Tenth Year

    The Tenth Year
    This year, the lawyer read nothing but the gospel. The banker thought this was odd since the lawyer had covered at least six hundred books, but spent a whole year on the gospel.
  • The Second to Last Year

    The Second to Last Year
    The last two years were very alike. In the second to last year the lawyer read many books. All varying from natural sciences to shakespeare.
  • The Last Year

    The Last Year
    The last two years were very alike. In the last year the lawyer read many books. One time he asked for chemistry books and books of manual medicine at the same time.
  • The Last Day

    The Last Day
    On the last day of the Lawyers imprisonment the banker started to become worried about his bet. He knew that if he paid the lawyer two millions he would be ruined, so at three o'clock in the morning he goes to the lawyers confinement to kill him. When he walks in he finds a letter written by the lawyer saying that he does not want the banker's money and that he now knows there are more important things in life.
  • The Ending Day

    The Ending Day
    After the lawyer escapes and claims he does not want the bankers money. He took the letter that the lawyer had written and locked it up in his fireproof safe.