People from the past

  • Jan 1, 1412

    Joan Of Arc

    She died in 1431. Famous French commander in the 100 year war against England. She was one of the few women in the French army. We are linked with her through war unfortunately, and through leaders.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1412 to

    people from the past

  • Jan 1, 1467


    Died in 1520. The last Aztec emperor and was conquered by europeans. He was an emperor like many today, and was also conquered like many countries these days.
  • Jan 1, 1502


    He died in 1533. He was the last incan emperor and his empire was conquered by Spaniards. He was tricked into going to a meeting to compromise with the Spaniards but then they killed him. We are linked with him through trickery and he was a king as well.
  • Jan 1, 1564


    He invented the telescope and was the first one to figure out that the Earth revolves around the sun. He was also very good at mathematics. He died in 1564. We are linked with him through science and new discoveries.
  • Shah Jahan

    Died in 1658. He was an Indian emperor who helped women and childrens rights in India. He built the Taj Mahan in memory of his wife when she died. Linked with him through leaders and freedom fighters for rights.
  • Thomas Jefferson

    Lived in and born in Virginia and was 3rd president of the United States.Also helped create the constitution and make America a free nation. We are linked with him because today there are freedom fighters like back then.
  • John Watts

    He died in 1836. Was born in New York and was a judge and a politician in New York. He was also a lawyer before then. We are linked with him through politicians, lawyers, and judges.
  • Marie Antoinette

    Queen of France but was killed when a rebellion overthrew the kingdom. Died in 1793, from Austria. We are linked with her because today many governments are corrupt and get overthrown and the leaders get killed.
  • Charles Darwin

    Famous scientist of the past for nature but also studied medicines.He is from England and his death date is unknown. We are linked with him through science and creating theories.
  • Johannes Brahms

    He was born in Germany and died in 1897, and was composer. He was a perfectionist and destroyed some of his work he did not like. We are linked with him through perfectionists and the musicians of today.