Inventions 1800-Present

  • Batterey

    Invented by Count Alessandro Volta.
  • Microphone

    Charles Wheatstone used the principle of electromagnetism to reproduce sound in a primative sound box.
  • Telegraoh

    Joseph Henry used a wire connected to an electromagnet that hit a bell when electrically charged making it possible to communicate from a short distance.
  • Morse Code

    In correlation with the telegraph, Samuel Morse knew that a bell ringing wasn't much of an acheivemen, so he invented Morse cod, which uses a series a dings and bleeps to communicate.
  • The Pony Express

    The United States needed a way to communicate with the gold miners in California, and thus the Pony Express was born. Using teenage boys under 18 to deliver messages, the pony express was the first form of a postal service in the U.S.
  • Electric Telephone

    Alexander Graham Bell used electric signals that could be coded into sound when spoken into the telephone to communicate across vast distances, though it was limited.
  • Phonograph

    Thomas Edison's phonograph used a ceramic based polymer to record sound.
  • Film Roll

    George Eastman invented the Kodak film roll for cameras.
  • Talking Motion Pictures

    Thomas Edison demonsrates his talking motion picture invention in New York City.
  • Cell Phones

    They were big, bulky, and impractical. The first cell phones required so much power they had to be placed in your car.
  • Walkman

    Made by Sony, the Walkman was the ancestor of modern mp3 players. A portable music device that used cassette tapes.
  • Windows, Microsoft

    A grphic user interface made Bill Gates for IBM to keep up with Apple's new software
  • Java

    Java is a programming language used to communicate with computers. Invented by James Gosling