CMT - Time Technology

By criley
  • Pantelegraph

    The inventor of the pantelegraph was Giovanna Casella. This creation was 14 years before telephones. Also the first exploited telefax machine was called pantelegraph
  • Typewriter

    1819-1890 Christopher Lathoum Sholes created the idea of the typewriter. Before the computer the typewriter was “the” way to type.
  • Radio

    In 1895 Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio connection. He sent and received first radio signal, two years later Marconi showed wireless connection.
  • Television

    John Logie Baird invented a moving picture that was good for entertainment and information. In 1925 the first moving image was transmitted for the screen on a television.
  • Hellschreiber

    The creater of the Hellschreiber was Rudolf Hell. This is a mechanical image scanning and transmission.
  • Video Tape Recorder

    Video Tape Recorder
    Charles P. Ginsburg desided to creat the video recorder to make life a little easier. This captures images from the television by converting the information into electrical impulses and saving the information on to magnetic tape
  • Sputnik

    The satellite dish was the size of a basketball and weighed about 183 pounds.
  • Email

    Raymond Samuel Tomlinson choose to create a new way to comunicate with out using your voice or paper. The email was implemented on a system called ARPANet.
  • Gamma Fax

    Gamma Fax
    Dr. Hank Magnuski thought of the invention of the Gamma Fax. This was the first computer fax board.
  • IPad

    J.J Abrams mad everyones life easier when he created the IPad with applications. The I pad use to be called Newton Message Pad 100
  • IPod

    Toni Fadell wanted to carry around sounds so he created the Ipod and also to upgrade the MP3. So that every one was able to download audio/video from the internet and take it any where’s.
  • Wii

    The Wii was released by the Nitendo company on November 19 2006. On September 2010 the wii is in the lead over the X box and the Play station 3.