Cinematography / Videography History

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    Cinematography / Videography History

    A timeline of the history of film. (Void any September 8th date. This is just refering to the year.)
  • Phenakistoscope

    Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateay, a Belguim scientist, invents phenakistoscope. A spinning wheel that allows pictures to seem to move.
  • Zoetrope

    William George Horner creates a drum filled with pictures that when spun was mad it look as though the image was moving.
  • Praxinoscope

    Emile Reynaud invents a device quite similar to the zeotrope, but it uses mirrors instead of slots.
  • Chronophotographic

    Etienne Jules Marey produces a camera which could take up to twelve picture a second.
  • Biophantascope

    William Friese-Greene and John Rudge invent the Biophantascope. It was one of the first motion picture cameras and projector which projected slides in a quick sequence.
  • Camera

    Louis Augustin le Prince makes a single-lensed camera. He later used it to film the first moving picture to an audience.
  • Kinetoscope

    Thomas Edison and William K.L Dickson invent a one person contraption in which film is moved over light giving the appearance of a moving picture.
  • Hand color

    Hand color
    The first hand colored tinted film was .Annabelle Butterfly Dance.
  • Woodville Lantham's Eidoloscope Projector

    Woodville Lantham's Eidoloscope Projector
    Woodville films the first picture to be viewed by a paying audience, a boxing match between Albert Griffithes and Charels Barnett.
  • Cinematographe

    The Lumiere family demonstrates the cinematographe, a camera and projector.
  • Eidoloscope Projector

    Woodville Lantham intruduces is invention to the New York Press. A movie Projector witha a loop to guide film smoothly.
  • Appearance of Cinematographe

    Appearance of Cinematographe
    Lumier brothers pubically reveals their Cinematographe. A small camera/ projector able to project film for a larger screen. This was credited as "the birth of film".
  • Chronophone

    Lean Gaumont invents the Chronophone, a sycronized video and sound system using an electronic connection.
  • Cooper Hewitt

    Cooper Hewitt
    The cooper Hewitt lamps are introduced. They made indoor shooting possible without sunlight.
  • First Dog Movie

    First Dog Movie
    Rescued by Rover was the first dog movies.
  • Animated

    J. Stuart Blackton created first animated film The humorous Phases of Funny Faces, which moved at twenty frames per second.
  • Chicago Ordinance

    Chicago Ordinance
    Chicago passes a bill to stop "immoral or obscene pictures" from being shown. People showing movies had to have a permit after each movie was reviewed and police were able to ban films.
  • Stunt Man

    Stunt Man
    The first movie stunt was a man jumping in to the Hudson out of a burning air ballon.
  • Frankenstien

    Edison Motion Picture Studios releases the first Frankenstien movie based on Mary Shelley's novel. Unfortunately it wasn't very close to the plot line of the book.
  • Disaster Movie

    Disaster Movie
    The German movie, Night and Ice, was one of the first disaster movie.
  • Gangster Movie

    Gangster Movie
    The first gangster crime film was The Musketeers of Pig Alley.
  • Fox

    William Fox starts The Fox Film Foundatioin.
  • Period: to

    World War I

  • Close Up

    Close Up
    The Bell & Howell 2709 was developed. It was the first camera to allow close-ups without moving the whole camera.
  • Color?

    The inventors of colored film development start the Technicolor Motion Picture Corporation in Boston.
  • Homosexuality

    Different From the Others (made in Germany) was the first movie to depict male homosexuality. The Nazi regime would not allow it to be played.
  • Colored Cartoons

    John Randolph Bray mad the first colored cartoon, The Debut of Thomas Cat.
  • 3-D

    The Power of Love was the first 3-D movie.
  • Walt Disney

    Walt Disney
    In 1922, Walt Disney released his first cartoon for Laugh-Gram Studios, Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Vampires (not Twilight)

    Vampires (not Twilight)
    F. W Murnau films and releases Nosferatu: a Symphony of Horror, one of the first vampire movies.
  • Hays Code

    Hays Code
    William Hays wrote the Motion Picture Production code that elimnated swearing, sexual connotation, nudity, homosexuality, and other inmoral activities.
  • Monster Mash

    Monster Mash
    Universal releases Dracula starring Bela Lugosi and Frankenstien staring Borris Carlof.
  • Zombie

    Victor Halperin directs White Zombie, the first zombie movie.
  • King Kong

    King Kong
    The famous monkey movie, King Kong, is released. It was the first movie to use stop-motion along with live action.
  • Werewolfs

    Universal releases the first werewolf movie title Werewolf in London.
  • Animation First

    Animation First
    Walt Disney makes the first full feature animation movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • Period: to

    Wold War II

  • Superheroes

    Batman was the first film series from D.C Comics with fifteen episodes.
  • T.V Adds

    T.V Adds
    The first movie advertisment on TV i was the Preston Sturge's The Miracle of Morgan's Creek.
  • Ninjas

    Blood on the Sun was one of the first movie to feature martial arts.
  • First Colored Newsreel

    First Colored Newsreel
    The first colored newsreel was of the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl done by Warner Brothers.
  • Disney's Live-Action

    Disney's Live-Action
    Disney's Treasure Island became their first full live-action movie.
  • 3-D Cartoons

    3-D Cartoons
    Melody was the first 3-D cartoon made in technicolor.
  • 3-D in Color!

    3-D in Color!
    House of Wax, starring Vincent Price, a remake of the Mystery of the Wax Mueseum (1933), was one of the first 3-D movies in color.
  • T.V Movies

    T.V Movies
    The 1933 King Kong was the first movie telivised.
  • Rock'n roll

    Rock'n roll
    Rock Around the Clock was the first movie all about rock and roll.
  • Smell - o - Vision

    Smell - o - Vision
    Behind the Great Wall was one of the first and only movies to be placed with scents released through the air conditioning.
  • The Exorcist

  • Vietnam

    Veitnam was the first war to be televised back in the states.
  • Rated M

    Rated M
    Who's Afraid of the Virginia Woolf was the first M rated movie with sexual inneudos and cursing to get the MPAA's Production Codes seal of approval.
  • Star Trek

    Star Trek
    The highly succesful science fiction show Star Trek started up.
  • HBO

    HBO first television programs are broadcasted.
  • The Godfather

    The Godfather
    The Godfather, directed by Francis Ford Copala is released.
  • X-Rated Cartoons

    The first x-rated cartoon, Fritz the Cat, was released.
  • Martial Arts

    Martial Arts
    Bruce Lee stars in his breakout role in Fist of Fury.
  • Bond, James Bond

    Live and Let DIe the first James Bond movie was released.