us history

By torkon
  • jhon smith

    a adventureous explorer mapmaker and solder who founded james town
  • james town

    the first settlement made by john smith
  • indetured servant

    people who work there way to the colonys for companys in england
  • pilgrims

    left england because of religous prosicution
  • puritans

    protistants who wanted to purify the church
  • mercantalism

    a nations power held in there stock of precious metals
  • bacons rebelion

    the indetured servants strugle for land they said was theres
  • Glorious revolution

    the bloodless revolution where the protestants removed king james from power and replaced him wiht his daughter and her husband
  • great awakening

    a series of religous revilations in the british colonys
  • enlightenment

    a revlution of ideas where people broke away fromt he chuch idea of thinking to more scientfic thinking
  • stamp act

    taxes on paper goods
  • sugar act

    taxed on sugar and mollases
  • quartering act

    colonist have to house feed and supply british soliders
  • townshed act

    taxes on tea glass lead and dye
  • boston massacre

    riot in boston between brtich soliders and colonists
  • thomas paine

    wrote the comense sense pamphlet
  • john locke

    the man you created the idea of natural rights among man
  • Boston tea party

    colonist throwing tea from british ships in to boston harbor
  • articles of confederation

    americas first try ata goverment
  • shays rebelion

    a group of farmers who nearly took over massachucets
  • constitunoal convention

    a group of delgates from each state gathering in pensisilvania to from a new goverment
  • great compromise

    virgina plan wanted a bicameral goverment and votes by population
    new jersey plan unicameral house and one vote per state
    comprmised by votes both by population and 2 votes in the senate per state
  • northern economy

    an industrial econmy of the northern states based primarily on textile factorys
  • southern econmy

    pirmairly agricultural which all work was done by slaves
  • transportaion revolution

    the the use of steam boats to transport goods and a the use of trains to transport goos a people
  • slave system

    the use of africans as salves as cheap labor mainly in southern states
  • industrial revolution

    the use of mechanical equipment to make goods and on farms
  • john marshall/ judical review

    the man who created judical review which balenced the 3 brances of goverment
  • louisiana purchase

    thomas jefferson wanted to increase the size of the us so he purchase terretory from france by sending james monroe to france to negotiate a deal
  • lewis and clark

    the expedition to explore the louisiana territory recently accuiquerd
  • homestead act

    goverment gave 160 acres of land to settelers moving west that would live there for 5 years and cultivate the land
  • pacific railway act

    goverment gave railway companys land to construct railways across the country
  • bessemer process

    blasting hpt air threw molten iron to remove any impuitys before it becomes steel
  • edwin l drake

    the man who used steam engine drills to dig for oil in pennselvania
  • transcontinental railway

    the rail way that connected the west and east coast of the u.s
  • electricity

    increase of use of electricity began with thomas alva edison when he invented the light bulp as a replacment for oil based lamp
  • communication

    the use of of telegraph and telephone to send messages and communicate cross country
  • muckrakers

    journalists who expose corrupt goverment officals
  • graft

    political corruption took from public funds for them self
  • political machines

    politicans who whould be electied by gaining the trust of immigrants and poor people to get them selfs and who ever they wanted to be elected along side them to run entire districts of citys if not the whole thing
  • triangle shindwaist factoring fire

  • social gospel movement

    the idea that organized relgion would hold so stand in american society
  • progression

    the era were america started to become a major power in the world
  • americanization

    making all immagrants coming into america speak english and become as american as they can be
  • upton sinclair the jungle

    exsposed the horrible condiotions in the meat packing industry and bad working conditons
  • safe food and drug act

    prohibited the use of any chemicals in food or drugs that could be harmful for human consumption
  • meat inspection act

    made the meat industry reform there packing methods and conditions on how they store transport and process all meat in there factorys
  • prohibition

    prohibiting the making selling and consumption of any and all alchohalic beverages