the battery

By k.james
  • the battery

    Tghe battery was invented by Alessandro Volta in 1800 and now gives us an oppurtunity to use electronic devices away from a main power source.
  • the elecric light

    the electric light was invented in 1809 by Humphry Davy and now lets us obtain vision even when we are surrounded by the dead night.
  • the electric type writer

    The electric type writer was made in 1829 and lets us be able to use our hands to communicate out cultural language and it gives us the ability to put things that were said onto paper and be remembered easier. This invention was made by W.A. Burt.
  • the Mechanical calculator

    The mechanical alculator was made by Charles Cabbage in 1835 and gives us the ability to do bigger math much easier and quicker.
  • Morse Code

    Samuel Morse came up with the idea to give the modern language a sense of silence. He did this using a series of tones and beeps that meant certain things. This invention came about in 1838.
  • Traffic Lights

    J.P. Knight came up with the invention we call our traffic lights. They help us today by giving us a sense of order on the streets and a sense of sequrity came along with that. This invention was made in 1860.
  • 1st patented telephone

    The telephone gives us a way of getting information to and from each other while we arent in or at teh same place. This was made in 1876 by Alexander Grahm Bell.
  • More pratical longer lasting light bulb

    The invention of he light bulb was made way before this longer lasting and more practical light bulb was mad. But this certain light bulb gives us a better veiw while we are in the darkness> This invention was made bySir Joseph Wilson in 1878.
  • The metal detector

    The metal detector was made in1881 by Alexander Grahm Bell and gives us the ability to see if we are walking over a metal object.
  • Radar

    The invention of radar came about in 1887 and was invented byHeirreich Hertz and lets the people who use it the ability to see if somthing is approaching us before it is in a certain distance of the place.
  • AC motor and transformer

    Nikola Tesla gave us the invention of this AC unit that now lets us be kept cooler and allows us to live a much easier life than before it was invented. This was invented in1888 and is still used today for many houses.
  • The lie detector

    The poloygraph was invented by James Mackenzie and is used to put the words of peoples lies to the truth and gives us sequrity in knowing that we got the truth out of the questioned personel. This invention was made in1902.
  • 1st Sonar

    Sonar was invented in 1906 be Lewis Nixon and has helped the communication economy by givig us a sperate source of electricity other than where we got it from.
  • color photography

    Color photos have helped our communication by giving us a better sense of the place that the picture was talen and helped us to understand the setting of the place where it was taken. This was made by Auguste & Louis Lumiere
  • super hyretodyne radio cirquit

    This invention was made by Edwin Howard Armstrong in 1918 and is now used to give us the ability to watch television which gives us the news that we can use for certain reasons of communcation.
  • the traffic sighnal

    The traffic sighns were made in 1923 by Garret A. Morgan and they now help us know what is going on in the street so we dont end up with as many accidents as usual.
  • car radio

    The car radio was made by Paul Galvin in 1929 and lets us get updated on things such as the weather and the news which lets people know exactly what is going on their economy.
  • digtol computer

    In 1942 the digtol computer was invented by Alanasoff and Clifford Berry and now lets us get the access of the things that computers can do.
  • teh compact disk / CD

    The CD was made in1965 and is used now as a storage device so we can hold things like pictures and music on them. This invention was made by James Russel.
  • The computer mouse

    The computer mouse gives us the ability to have full control over the computer that we are using. This was made by Douglass Englebart.
  • Floppy disk

    The floppy disk was invented by Alan Shugart in 1970 and is used as a storage device just like the compact disk/ CD.
  • The World Wide Web

    Tim Berners made the world wide web in 1990 and lets access the joys of the internet that lets us get a better research for things.