Joe Giordano's Timeline

  • Birth

    St Joseph Hospital at 12:08 pm
  • First Birthday

    Family birthday party
  • Moved to New House

    Moved to a bigger house on our farm
  • First time Uncle

    First time Uncle
    Peighton was born at St Joseph hospital, Joliet
  • 1st Bowling Birthday Party

    1st Bowling Birthday Party
    Party at Echo Lanes in Morris
  • First Time drove tractor

    First Time drove tractor
    With my Dad
  • Spacecamp

    Built robots then fought with them.
  • Williamsburg, VA Vacation

    Williamsburg, VA Vacation
    Family Vacation
  • First 4-H Fair

    First 4-H Fair
    Showed Fainting Goats and Chickens
  • Nassau Bahamas Vacation

    Nassau Bahamas Vacation
    Family vacation at the Atlantis Resort in Nassau Bahamas
  • Grandma's death

    Grandma's death
    Dad's mom's death.