events/inventions 1800-2010

  • battery

    the dry cell battery was made in the 1800 and it was madde by johann wilhelm ritter, it has givin us the ability to use thing that have to be used by battery.
  • morse code

    morse code was created by samule morse who also created the telegraph, it was created in the 18 hundreds and was use as an secret code that people of the radieo use it can also be used of help like ot call for help, morse code is a sequences of short,long dots or dashes.
  • computers

    the ccomputer is a divice that can give you information through the internet by searching the web. the computer was inventied in the 1840s and was inventied my a guy named charles babbage.
  • computer programs

    computer programs are thing you use on your computer to do stuff such as open office and power point and others. it was inventied in the 1840s by lady augusta ada byron lovelace.
  • telegraph

    the telegraph was invented in 1844 by samule morse . telegraph is the greek of for wite far. the telegraph is good because it lead us on to the computer that we have now.
  • cylinder printing press

    the printing press is a nother older type computer thaqbt was made by richard marchy hoe. the pritting press has gotton us to the computer with is a amazing use of tecnology that everybody uses these days.
  • the box telephone

    the box in 1876 by alexander grahm bell ; pioneering long distance oral communication.
    if this wasnt made then we would have cell phones and home phones.
  • bow telephone

    the bow telephone was created by alexander grahm bell; pioneering long didstance oral communication, i f we didnt have the box phone we probaly wouldnt have the real phone.
  • electrical light

    electrical light in 1879 by thomas edison, thank to his desire to the "let there be light" we can work at night. without the electrical light we would not be able to read and night or do anyother types of work that has to do with llight we would also not be able to drive because we wouldnt be able to see where we go.
  • 1st american investgation journalist

    in 1880 henry dernarest lloyd published a series of artticles including the story of a great momopoly the political economy of seventy three million dollars making bread dear, lords of industry, north american review, 1st american investagation journalist.
  • the hearing aid

    the hearing aid has helped many people exspecially the deaf people, the hearing aid was invented by miller reese hutchison, without the hearing aid we would not be able to communicate with the people who cant hear other than sign language but not everybody know how to use that.
  • traffic lights

    the traffic light was created by wiliam potts, a police officer from ditroit michigan, he made them by using red green and amber lights and wire. if we didnt we would have a hard time getting around with everybody going crazy not going when they want to.
  • radio transmisssion

    the radio transmittion was invented by ernst alexanderson, a swedish american engineer, the radio is a great way to communicate thats the way people in air plains and ships communicate back to the base and its the way alot of people learn new songs and important information in there tirstate area and it was also used for mores code.
  • television transmission

    the television trasmission was inventied by ernst alexanderson, a swedish american engineer, the televison is a important part of communication we find out the local news and other important information on there
  • video camera

    the video camera was made april 14 1956 by ray dolby
  • two way communication system

    in 1992 the two way communication system was crated for two people to talk on the phone
  • ipod

    The first ipod was invented in the summer of 2000 but was not introduced until October of the following year. It was said to be able to hold at least 1000 songs originally, now the ipod hold many many more.
  • iphone

    iphone june 29 2007 relesed then and was created by steve jobs