Francis Drake

By roberas
  • Period: Jan 1, 1540 to

    Sir Francis Drake

    Sir Fancis Drake was born in 1540 and he died 1596. Two books were published 30 years after he died. He sailed on 3 vogues.
  • Feb 1, 1540

    Francis was Born

    Sir Francis was born in 1540 around febuary. No - one really knows for sure his exact date of birth but they do know that he was born in Febuary 1540
  • Aug 24, 1547

    Drakes Secret Logbook was made.

    Francis Drake made a secret logbook when he was aged 8 and 2/3. the Logbook said:
    I like sailing in a ship much more than having dull lessons on reading and writing. When I grow up I bet I will be the greatest sea captain in all England!
    (and the richest too!)
  • Jul 21, 1555

    Drakes Second Secret Logbook was made.

    Francis Drake's Second Logbook was made, age unknown.
    This is what it said:
    Ha! Here I am bound for adventure at last. I am on a ship called the Tiger and i have been made purser - which means I am in charge of pay and supplies. The Tiger is about 50 tons in size and handles well exceptin high winds. (I wish the captaon would let me help. I would do a much, much better job.) We will search for French merchant ships to raid, ad bring their cargos back to England.
  • Jan 1, 1564

    Francis Drake's 1st Voyage

    Francis Drake's first voyage was in the year 1564. the exact date is unknown. Drake years around 13 or 14 years of age.
  • Jun 1, 1564

    Drakes 3rd Secret Logbook was made.

    Francis Drake's 3rd Secret Logbook was made
    This is what it said:
    Here I am at last, heading for where the real action is - the New World! Tis about time. I am second-in-command of the ship. The captin is not bad, although (guess what?) I reckon yours truly could do a better job! We captured a few hundred slaves on the african coast. I can't say I enjoyed the work. I'd rather be sailing. Later, as we left Africa behind, we captured some Portuguese slave ships and added their slaves to our own.
  • Nov 5, 1567

    Drakes 4th Secret Logbook was made.

    Francis Drake's secret logbook was made.
    This is what it said:
    I have a ship of my own! My superduper, huge, massive, too-big-to-be-ignored sea-going skills have been recognized at last. I am very happy and contented. PS Ship is a bit small. Bet I get a bigger one soon.
  • Feb 6, 1568

    Drakes 5th Secret Logbook was made.

    Francis Drake's secret logbook was made.
    It was a very short one! This is what it said:
    Told you.
  • Sep 15, 1568

    Drakes 6th Secret Logbook was made.

    Drake's 6th secret logbook was made:
    This is what it said:
    May the merciful saints preserve us! We have been blasted by a terrible storm that lasted for four days and blew us all the way to te coast of Florida. Our ships have had a dreadful battering. The captain of Jesus hath reported that the splits in her hull are so bad that there are fish swimming around below decks! continues.....
  • Jul 4, 1569

    Francis Drake gets married

    His new wife was called Mary Newman. She was from Plymouth. Francis Drake didn't spend much time with his new wife at home, he was in love with the sea.
  • Jan 1, 1570

    Drake Sets Sail Out of Plymouth

    The year after Francis Drake got married, he set sail to leave Plymouth. He sails in a ship called the Swan. He headed across the Atlantic. Drake had decided that it was time to take a little revenge on the Spanish. That meant hitting them where it would hurt them the most - in their wallets. Drake had already worked out how to do it.
  • Mar 3, 1570

    Across the Atlantic

    After 63 days at sea, Drake and his crew had finially sighted the coast of Brazil, the crew were sure happy to see dry land.
  • Jan 1, 1577

    Francis Drake sets sail for his expedition aorund the world.

    Sir Francis Drake sets sail for his expedition around the world. A storm hit so Sir Francis Drake had to go back to England for a month’s repairs.
  • Drake Dies

    Franics Drake dies. No one re knows how he really died but the crew members woke up and found him dead. He died at four in the morning.
  • Francis Drake's books were realesed

    30 years after Francis died two books were published that told the story of Sir Francis Drake. The book title's are: Sir Francis Drake Revived and The World Engompassed by Sir Francis Drake. They became best sellers. These two books retold Drake's story for a new generation and kept his legend alive.