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Jordan's Reading Log Term 2

By hero
  • stink

    this story is about a boy that wished that he was taller beacuse he's only 123cm tall and in Productions he's always the mouse. So read this book your not alone.
  • Fantastic Mr Fox

    Fantastic Mr Fox
    This story is about a fox and his family and 3 farmers bean bunce and boggis they want to kill him because hes steling there food like chicken turky and gees ducks and cider but mr fox is pnly trying to feed his family This Book Is Made B y ROALD DAHL.
  • kaitangata twitch

    kaitangata twitch
    This story is about a girl and a island that are fighting in there dreams and the island wants to awake from it but to help her is a old man that tells her that shes got a gift to sing in her dream but one song could save there bay and try to tell cardwell to go away