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By hyeper
  • Alexander Bells drawing

    Alexander Bells drawing
    Alexander Graham Bell's telephone patent drawing, 7 of March 1876.
  • Alexander Bell speaking on the first telephone

    Alexander Bell speaking on the first telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell speaking the first words ever on a telephone; "Mr. Watson, come here. I want you!" Other people were also trying to make an invention to transmit the human voice. Elisha Gray claims too have invented the telephone, but Bell got to the patent office an hour before him.
  • Telephone

    1896 telephone
  • Wooden telephone

    Wooden telephone
    Wooden hand cranked wall telephone, early 1910
  • Telephone

    1920s telephone
  • Telephone

    telephone from the 1950s
  • Telephone

    A 1970s era.
  • Telephone

    1980 telephone
  • First cellular phone

    First cellular phone
    The first cellular phone.
  • Iphone

    Iphone invented in 2007.with a touch surface intrernet and games.
  • Modern telephone

    Modern telephone
    modern telephone (2009).