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movie stuff

  • kinetscope

    the precusor to the movie camera sort of a mix of a camera and projector as it cpatores imagaes and it projects them =)
  • first movie camera

    first movie camera
    this does not actuly capture film it really just takes several
    photos and when all those photos get put on a line of film
    and put on a projector they project a photo a second so it looks like it is moving !
  • 3d

    3d has been around for ages scince at least the 30s
    and i don't like 3d now because it has lost it's charm\
  • citizen kane

    citizen kane
    this has nothing to with tecnoligy i just wanted to mention it because some pepole say it's the best movie ever .
  • king kong

    king kong
    i just wanted to metion this film because i love it and i reckon
    it's one of the best films
  • avatar

    i menton this because it is the best selling movie ever
  • MODERN movie projectors

    MODERN movie projectors
    i am not shore when this petecluir type was made so i put it modern day
    but they are much more advanced than the old projectors
    1 main reson it's better is because there is wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaay less film grain =) wich is why they are superrior
  • Zoetrope

    i am not shore about the date but I do know that that is the right year . So what it is it's a light with a roatating pice of paper or somthing like paper that has lots of little pictures that's siluette
    shows up on the wall and it looks like it's moving .