Cold War

  • Truman Informs Stalin that the United States has Nuclear Weapons

    Truman Informs Stalin that the United States has Nuclear Weapons
    As the beginning of the Arms Race, access to weapons was vitally important. This information put pressure on the Soviets to also gain access to nuclear weapons.
  • Churchill Gives Iron Curtain Speech

    Churchill Gives Iron Curtain Speech
    At the beginning of the Cold War, Churchill accurately describes the dynamic in Europe at the time between the Communists supporters and Democracy supporters, NATO and the Warsaw Pact. This symbolic and Physical boundary divided Europe in two. Tensions began to grow between the two sides.
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    Presidents Harry S. Truman asked for $400,000,000 to aid Greece, Turkey, and any other country who was threatened by communism militarily and financially. Truman described it as in investment to world peace and freedom. It was later followed by the Marshal plan.
  • Stalin Orders a Blockade of all Land Routes from West Germany to Berlin

    Stalin Orders a Blockade of all Land Routes from West Germany to Berlin
    Stalin wished to force to West to allow them control over the entire city of Berlin. After WW2, Berlin was divided into 4 zones, although the city was clearly within Soviet territory. Because of this act, the Berlin airlift brought supplies into Berlin without starting a war. The Soivets had to admit defeat.
  • Korean War Begins

    Korean War Begins
    North Korea invades South Korea. The United Nations sends aid to South Korea, neither China nor the Soviet Union were present because they were boycotting the UN. the Soviets wished to unify Korea under Communist control. Following the Policy of Containment, the United States fought for free elections.
  • Warsaw Pact Formed

    Warsaw Pact Formed
    Soviet Union, Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslavakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Romanis formed a military alliance. This alliance was the final step in dividing Europe into the two alliances of Nato and the Warsaw Pact. World History: The Human Odyssey
  • Suez Crisis

    Suez Crisis
    Nasser, frustrated with the British control of the Suez Canal, decided to Nationalize it and open it up to all countries.Israeli troops invaded Egypt Peninsula in hopes of securing the Suez Canal. Britain and France invaded later.United States and Soviet Union joined allainces for the first and only time during the war to help Egypt remove opposing forces. By the end of November, Egypt began to expell foreign forces.
  • Sputnik I launched by the Soviet Union

    Sputnik I launched by the Soviet Union
    Sputnik I was the very frist man-made satellite to be launched and orbit the Earth. This divided the Soviet Union and United States further by causing an unease among the Americans. If the Soviets could launch satellites, surely they could launch missiles. This technical success caused the U.S.A. to increase the funding of a U.S. satellite project. Picture:
  • Soviet Union and PRC sign a Pact

    After the United Kingdoms recognized the PRC, the Soviets signed a mututal defense Pact. This further increased tensions between The United States and Soviets. The spread of Communism began to scare the U.S.A.
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion

    Bay of Pigs Invasion
    The Bay of Pigs Invasion proved to be an unsuccessful attempt at overthrowing Fidel Castro. President Kennedy decided not to use air force in the attack, which may be one of the facotrs as to why it did not work. This events embarrassed Kennedy and made Castro less trusting of the United States.
  • President Kennedy Assasinated in Dallas, Texas

    President Kennedy Assasinated in Dallas, Texas
    Wile riding in a motorcade in Dealy Plaza, Kennedy was shot. Oswald was accused of the murder, he was also shot while being transferred from one location to another. During the height of the war, this tragedy had a great impact of the United States' morale. There was much controversey surrounding the murders. The immediate effect was the U.S.A's emotional agony and frustration. Content:
  • Treaty of Tlatelolco Signed

    Latin America and the Carribean countries seek the prohibition of nuclear weapons within their countries.
  • TET Offensive in South Vietnam Begins

    TET Offensive in South Vietnam Begins
    North Vietnam launched a full-scale attack on various landmarks and cities in South Vietnam on the TET holiday. The attacks stopped after a few days, but the damage was devastating. This attack launched the turning point of the war. Although the United States removed North Vietnam, it was a mental and morale success for North Vietnam and forced the United States to realize, they weren't winning as much as they thought they were.
  • Vietnameization Begins

    U.S. troops withdraw from Vietnam. The motive was to encourage the South Vietnamese to take initiative in the war. All men in South Vietname between the ages of 17 and 43 were called into the war.
  • Allende Becomes President of Chile

    Allende Becomes President of Chile
    Allende being elected was unnerving to the United States. He was the first Marxist every elected in free elections. He was responsible to nationalizing several United States owned companies and established relationships with China and Cuba.
  • Yom Kippur War

    Egypt and Syria launched attacks. This took Isreal by surprise because Yom Kippur was their holiest holiday and they weren't expecting any offensives. The Egyptians established blockades on the bank of the Canal. The Syrians pushed through and occupied much of the land.
  • Sino-Vietnamese War

    A.k.a the Third Indochina War.In response to Vietnam's occupation of Cambodia, the People's Republic of China attacked Vietnam. A ground attack was preformed. The heavy resistance used up China's resources. The intention was not to occupy Vietname forever, but for the PLA to teach them a "lesson" (as Bejing declared).
  • Iran Hostage Crisis

    Iran Hostage Crisis
    The United States embassy was stormed in Tehran by Iranians. Approximately 70 Americans were taken captive. Ayatollah's anti-American campaign triggered this attack and the employees were the ones taken hostage.
  • Period: to

    Farklands War

    Argintine forces land on the Farkland islands. Argintina claimed the islands as its' territory, as well did the British. In response the British sent a naval attack and eventually expelled the Argintine from the area.
  • Duarte is President of El Salvador

    Duarte is President of El Salvador
    United States observer delegation noted that, "This election was fair and honest, and ... provided a clear and undeniable mandate to whichever candidate is elected." The people of nEl Salvadopr elected Duarte in hopes that he could end the civil war of the guerrilla soldiers. He however, did not stop the killing and led to the deaths of 75,000 people.
  • Tiananmen Square Massacre

    Tiananmen Square Massacre
    Protests in Bejing are crushed through violence means. Very little information is avaiable on the subject because the Chinese government has censored the information, the number of deaths are unknown. Tank Engines crushed the students who spoke against the government.
  • Period: to

    Mello's Presidency in Brazil

    Mello ran for as apart of a small National Reconstruction party. He had promised reforms and that he would end inflation. He kept a strict control on wages, prices, but eventually les to a recession and overwhelming unemployment. He was later impeached, but reelected in 1994.
    World History: The Human Odyssey
  • United States Pland full Invaion of Panama

    The PDF declared war with the United States on December 15-- the day Noriega was made chief of the government. the PDF forces began assulting American officers. Predient Bush decided a "snatching operation" wasn't strong enough to fend off the opposition. After the invasion, the PDF was fully dismantled. Noriega was sentences a life of imprisonment. This was done to support the Policy of containment.
  • Fujimore Elected President of Peru

    The Peruvians were tired of their economic and political issues by the 1990s. In hopes that Fujimore would resolve the problems. He was elected. His campaign included reforms. Instead, he ruthlessly tried to destroy the Shining Path (Communist Chinese who tried to kill peasants, payors and others). He also suspended the constitution, congress, and made himself dictator.
    World History: The Human Odyssey
  • Germany is reunified

    Borders between Hungary and Austria were removed in 1989. Soon, the travel restrictions on East Germany were removed. East Germany also held its first free elections in 1989. Although there was concern about whether Germany may become a threat, yet again, the UN took the risk and allowed Germany to once again, become united.