Plant t

Plant Evolution time line

By mememe
  • Precamerbain Time.

    Precamerbain Time.
    photosynthetic forms start to form.
    add oxygen to the atmosphere.
    examlpe >> Algae
  • Period: to

    Plant evolution

  • Paleozoic Era

    1. Ordavovician and silurian period
    2. Devonian period
    3. Carboniferuos and Permain period
  • Ordavivian and silurian period

    Ordavivian and silurian period
    First land plant evolved from aquatic ancesetors.
    * Simple
    * Grew close to the ground in damp areas
  • Devonian Period

    Devonian Period
    Some plants like ferns evovled.
    adapted to dry places
  • Carboniferous and Permain Period

    Carboniferous and Permain Period
    Giant Ferns and other plants formed vast swampy forests.
  • Mesozoic Era

  • Triassic PEriod

    Triassic PEriod
    Cone-bearing Plants called Cycads
  • Cretaceous Period

    Cretaceous Period
    Leafy trees
    Small Flowing Plants
  • Cenozoic Era

  • Tertiary Period

    Tertiary Period
    Grass and flowering plants evloved
  • Quaternary Period

    Quaternary Period
    After Ie age period
    water level is high and ther is more algae then any other plants through all the periods.
    most l=plants are still there that survived the ice age.