Sir Douglas Mawson

By joek
  • Birth

    Born on the 5th of May 1882 in Yorkshire in England.
  • The Mawson Family move

    The Mawson family moved to Rooty Hill near Sydney in 1884
  • Mawson graduates

    In 1902 he graduated with a Bachelor of Education and was appointed as a junior demonstrator in Chemistry.
  • Mawson becomes a lecturer in......

    In 1905 Mawson was appointed a lecturer in mineralogy and petrology in the University of Adelaide.
  • Mount Erebus

    Mount Erebus
    In March 1908 he and his group led by David became the first to climb Mount Erebus.
  • The Vicinity of the South Magnetic Pole

    The Vicinity of the South Magnetic Pole
    A.F. Mackay and Mawson became the first to reach the vicinity of the south Magnetic Pole.
  • Mawson gets Knigted

    Mawson was knighted in 1914 and continued his research over many decades.
  • Mawson retires

    He finally retired at the age of 70.
  • Mawson dies

    He died at his Brighton home on the 14th October 1958. Mawson was buried at St. Jude’s Anglican Church in a commonwealth and state funeral.