Fred hollows11

Fred hollows

  • Freds birth

    Freds birth
    Fred hollows was born in Dunedin New Zealand to Irish parents Joseph and Clarice Hollows.
  • Named

    Fred was named after his maternal grandfather, Fredrick and had 3 brothers, Colin, John and Maurice
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    Freds life

  • Freds 1 year of formal primary schooling

    Freds 1 year of formal primary schooling
    Fred had only one year of formal primary schooling at North East Valley Primary School. While he was there he played the trumpet.
  • High school

    Fred started at Palmerston High School and wanted to joined several clubs and finished wanting to join the clergy. He was an excellent student and was great at his studies
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    Fred Hollows originally went to Glenieth Bible College but soon realised he wasnt a clergy man. So he moved toOtago University were he studied to be a doctor.
  • Period: to

    1st job

    Fred got his first job as a doctor at the Wellington Auckland Hospital
  • Marriage

    Fred hollows then married Mary Skiller in New Zealand
  • 2nd job

    Fred later worked at Moorfields Eye hospital to specialise in Opthamology
  • Immigration

    Fred was a member of the communist party and the secret police were getting interested in his social activism and his longing for equal rights for indiginous people so he and his young family moved to Sydney in Australia and was shocked at eye standards
  • Visits

    In the early 1970s fred visited isolated areas of New South Wales to provide much needed eye care.
  • Marys death

    Marys death
    Mary sadly died in 1979
  • Fred Hollows 2nd marriage

    Fred Hollows 2nd marriage
    Fred then married Gabi'o Sullivan
  • Gasp

    Later on Fred started to visit nepal for the same reasons. later on in that same year Fred Hollows was refused the Honorary officer of the order of Australia award because of the goverments lack of concern for eyecare.
  • Aussie

    In 1989 Fred Hollows became an Australin Citizen
  • Award

    Australian of the year
  • Award

    Humanist of the year
  • Award

    Fred didnt refuse the companion to the order of Australia medal even though he did refuse an earlier medal
  • Fred Hollows Foundation

    The Fred Hollows Foundation was set up only weeks before his passing away. The Foundation has sread to many countries and helped lots of people get their eyesight back.
  • Death

    Fred hollows died on this day of metastatic renal cancer, had a state funeral in Sydney and was buried in Bourke
  • Award

    Rotary award for World Understanding
  • Award

    Hall of Fame
  • Bulletin 100

    Bulletin 100
    Fred Hollows was included in the bulletins top 100 most influential Australians