Ongoing oil spill

A History of major oil spills

  • " Santa Barbara: 4.2 million gallons spilled

    " Santa Barbara: 4.2 million gallons spilled
    Oil leaked for 12 days stright. When the oil got out and climbed to the top of the ocean it was a couple inches thick. As away to clean all this up local prisons inmates walked the beaches and cleaned up any oil or rubage that made land fall.
  • "Sansinena: 1.26 million gallons"

    "Sansinena: 1.26 million gallons"
    an explosin in the liberian flagged vessel caused a major oil spill. The explosin from the vessel was so strong that it ripped stright threw a tanker ship. And all the oil from the tanker covered the water and went everywhere....... I LOVE YOU MRS. KNIGHT YOUR THE BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD....
  • "Amoco Cardiz: 68.7 million gallons"

    "Amoco Cardiz: 68.7 million gallons"
    An american oil tanker went on the wrong path and ran around and wrecked in rocks. This oil spill was the biggest oil spill recored in history.
  • "Exxon Vadez: 10.8 million gallons"

    "Exxon Vadez: 10.8 million gallons"
    An american tanker filled to its maximum capacity with crude oil hit land in alaska and the oil spilled out everywhere it killed all animal and plant life in and around alaska
  • "Megborg:4.2 million gallons"

    "Megborg:4.2 million gallons"
    A explosin on an norwegen oil tanker. The explosin caused the tanker to leak oil everywhere and caused a big fire on top of the sea. This fire was put out in a matter at the most 2 weeks.
  • "Kuwait:37.8 billion gallons"

    "Kuwait:37.8 billion gallons"
    Retreating iraq people opened oil wells and pipeline valve. A million barrels of oil were discover in the sea. But there is and estimated 2 or 3 millon barrels washed a shore on beaches and other places.
  • "Hurrican Katrina:7.98 million gallons"

    "Hurrican Katrina:7.98 million gallons"
    When Katrina made landfall her 140 MPH wind thore pipelines and sank ? number of tanker ships full of crude oil. Two of the tankers released 3.78 million gallons in to the water. This was also a bad day for lousiania because hurricane katrina flooded everythintg.
  • "Deep water horizon: Ongoing"

    "Deep water horizon: Ongoing"
    A oil drilling rig about 50 miles of the coast of louisisana coast sank and broke a major pipe line under the ocean. The line that broke is leaking 5,00 barrels of iol each day but know its more or something like that i dont know how much is leaking. The leak is killing many plants and animals that get in the oil.